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  • Tom Slemen's Theory

    Tom Slemen's Theory has made it to the Gloucestershire News here,

    The article, in bold, reads,

    A COLONEL buried in Cheltenham Cemetery could be one of Britain's most notorious murderers, according to a new book.
    Crime writer Tom Sleman is convinced Claude Reignier Conder, who lived in Tivoli Road, was Jack the Ripper, who killed five prostitutes in 1888 in London.
    Mr Sleman believes Conder was born in Cheltenham and is appealing for the colonel's descendants to contact him.
    He said: "There are people today in Cheltenham who know Conder and they are not saying anything.

    "One man did get in touch with me who had come into possession of Conder's knives and riding spurs. But I have not heard from him since. Someone in Cheltenham might have something in their attic like an heirloom or belongings of this man."
    He says the British intelligence officer was a trained assassin who was part of a Whitehall cabal enlisted to kill women because of their links to Irish terrorists.
    Mr Sleman, 40, and criminologist Keith Andrews say they have discovered cryptic clues that incriminate the Cheltenham man.
    He has been investigating the Ripper for a decade.
    It all began with a chalk message scrawled on a wall near the murder scene of one of the victims Catherine Eddowes.
    The message said: "The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing."
    Sir Charles Warren, then chief commissioner at the Met and a close friend of Conder, was said to have ordered the crucial clue to be scrubbed out despite the advice of other detectives.
    Miss Eddowes also had "symbols" carved into her face which Mr Slemen says are from the ancient Moabite language.
    He said: "I wondered if there was anything in this message. Before he was chief commissioner, Sir Charles was a renowned archaeologist in the Middle East and his right hand man was Conder."
    He discovered "Juwe" was from the altaic language, which is studied by archaeologists, and means "two".
    He said: "They knew this language back to front no one else would have known what the word or the symbols meant."
    Both Conder and Warren gained fame as archaeologists by excavating hundreds of sites between 1867 and 1882, including the remains of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.
    Mr Sleman says the rings from the temple were stolen from Conder's house by prostitute Annie Chapman, who was later killed by Jack the Ripper.
    He has also since discovered that Frederick Abberline, a superior detective in the Ripper case, lived next door to Conder's brother Francois.
    Mr Sleman believes drawings by Conder depicting wombs the organ that most fascinated the Ripper also point to the same man.
    Conder was never a suspect at the time of the killings but Mr Sleman says Sir Charles Warren was involved in covering up the murderer's true identity for his friend. He said Warren suddenly decided to retire, on the eve of the last murder.
    He claims Warren, who went to school in Cheltenham, knew his friend was the killer but took the secret to his grave in 1927.
    "I think Conder could not get in contact with him directly so was leaving these messages like the one on the wall in a language only they knew," he said.
    Jack the Ripper British Intelligence Agent, co-written with Mr Andrews, is released tomorrow.

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    Sounds a bit of a convoluted story

    With that motive,you might expect some males to have been "bumped off"

    Fair enough if the British authorities decided to kill some Fenians, but why in the manner of the Ripper?

    Why create such major publicity for what would essentially be a secret mission?


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      My fave quote is:
      Originally posted by Mike Covell View Post
      "There are people today in Cheltenham who know Conder and they are not saying anything.
      How can people know the man and be silent? How old do people live in Cheltenham?


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        Convoluted Ain't The Word, Neems

        I can't wait until Colin Roberts sees this theory put forth.
        This guy Condom makes Robert Mann look like The Son of Sam.

        I have two, count em, two Moabite inscriptions for youse...I got them off of the frying pan Nina whacked me with yesterday for getting mouthy....

        "Tihsllub tahw nam..." "kcub a rof gnihtyna"

        Thats ancient Moabite right there for you.
        What do I get for that ?
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          I take it the Moab & Midian letter features strongly in this "theory"

          Has anyone got an example of the ancient Moab language?

          I can't see Eddowes' facial mutilations being any sort of sentence - maybe a letter or two?

          Is he on about the cuneform script?

          Ridiculous really


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            Here's some examples from the "Moabite Stone" or stele

            (3rd from right)

            Some of those others look like Zodiac's writing / codes

            Click image for larger version

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              I suppose the mutilations might be an upside-down cerastes, which is a serpent-like creature with ram's horns (???)


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                As a direct descendant of the Moabite people, Mike Covell-Midian would probably be the best bet for examples of his people's lingo. I know some Yiddish,Spanish,and a little English... but then again, we're talking Moabite here.

                Here's a translated section of some Moabite for you,Neems...
                1. I am Mesha, son of KMSYT (Kemosh[-yat]), the king of Moab, the Di-
                2. -bonite. My father was king of Moab thirty years, and I reign-
                3. -ed after my father. And I built this high-place for Kemosh in QRH ("the citadel"), a high place of [sal-]
                4. -vation because he saved me from all the kings (or "all the attackers"), and because let me be victorious over all my adversaries. Omr-
                5. -i was king of Israel and he oppressed Moab for many days because Kemosh was angry with his
                6. land. And his son replaced him; and he also said, "I will oppress Moab". In my days he spoke thus.
                7. Then after oppressing Moab...I'magonna rip and thrash about in the East End of London in oh,I dunno, 1888 or so....
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                  Some of those others look like Zodiac's writing / codes- Nemochannezar The 1st

                  I agree. I think Conder was the Zodiac.
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                    Originally posted by Nemo View Post
                    I suppose the mutilations might be an upside-down cerastes, which is a serpent-like creature with ram's horns (???)
                    I thought that ram thing was Nessie!!


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                      Now I think Conder was Nessie.
                      I've changed my mind.
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