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    Funny story....

    About a week ago, a co-worker was asking me and another guy about how to cut his electric heating bills this winter ( when snow fell on my buddy's roof,it usually melted due to heat escaping through his roof. ) I mentioned some fibreglass insulation since the guy just moved in there last year.

    So anyway....he goes up and puts the insulation up. He finds a cache of old 1950's Saturday Evening Posts,LOOK,and even an Argosy magazine. These books were behind a sheet of sheet rock used as insulation(?) Yeah,I tried rolling dice for them,but other people told him to put them on Ebay.

    One of the mags from 1957 was an issue of LOOK which had a cover story about British women and how beautiful they were...some were really pretty.

    One was this lady,Kay Kendall.

    He let me xerox the photo,but he's keeping the magazine.

    Anyone ever see this photo?

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    Yes, she was good looking, wasn't she.

    Larry Adler composed and played the music for Genevieve. I think he did it while blacklisted in the US.



    She sure was pretty...

    I looked for Melvin's wife,but she was not featured. Maybe I can try and weasel the mag from my buddy. Nice looking ladies.

    Even Mary Ure looked like a hottie.


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      I found Kay Kendall in Wikipedia: People of Irish Descent in Britain....Ha ha!
      Her real name was Kay Kendall McCarthy....I never really could tell Caucasians apart until I read about a quote somewhere about a murder victim who was described as having a pleasant Irish face. It could have been the Black Dahlia but I don't think it was....
      Why do you think Coach Pat Quinn almost never signed French players eventhough he played for Montreal?....


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        Does the name "McCarthy" ring a bell ?

        Pat Quinn led the Philly Flyers to a 35 game unbeaten streak...give that man full props,pops.


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          You Tube has this bit on Kay Kendall, grand daughter of John McCarthy of Dorset Street.

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