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Remnants Of The Ripper's London

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  • Remnants Of The Ripper's London

    Mitre Square is the site of the only one of the Jack the Ripper murders to take place within the City of London, and was the most westerly murder site. In the early hours of 30th September 1888 Catherine Eddowes was brutally murdered, aged forty-six years. This was the second Ripper killing on a night that became known as the ‘double event’. Eddowes body was found at 1.45 am near the flower bed in the distance in this image, and a plaque now marks the spot where she lay. Catherine Eddowes was the only one of the Ripper's victims to originate in the Black Country, having been born at Graisley Green in Wolverhampton on 14th April 1842. Her parents were tinplate worker George Eddowes and his wife Catherine née Evans, who moved to London the year of Catherine’s birth. Catherine herself returned briefly to work in Wolverhampton, but moved back to London following the loss of her job as a tin plate stamper. Mitre Square is also the site of the cloister of Holy Trinity Priory, Aldgate which was demolished during the reign of Henry VIII.