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  • Photo requests.....

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently in the preliminaries of designing a tattoo, dedicated to the Whitechapel killings. It will be fairly large in size, and comprised of multiple images. If anyone has access, or can direct me to any high resolution images pretaining to the case (fictional, non-fictional, cartoons, etc.) I would greatly appreciate that. They can be posted here, or even sent directly to my email.

    Many thanks,


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    I don't know what resolution this is but I've always liked this image. It's also very detailed so you would need a very patient and skilled artist to do the work.


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      You Asked for it

      I'm not much on tattoos, but try this site:

      Here is what their wares look like:

      I believe that Howard has a poster of this that ought to be of sufficent resolution for your purpose.


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        There's one that Dan Norder just put up on Casebook of a sinister looking guy creeping through Kelly's window that struck me. Maybe it wouldn't be what you would desire though.

        In fact,Dan might have more for you to peruse than most of us. Someone like Chris George might also have a supply.

        Use any of the avatars we have if you want to,too.


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          Thanks for the links, everyone! I'm way ahead of the game thanks to you all, and I now have an abundance of material to work with.

          This could turn out to be a lengthy project as a result. But well worth it.


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            Friends where can I buy this photo in large size ?


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              Naidinroman :

              Not sure where it can be purchased. It might not be under copyright as I have seen it used in a few places already.

              Here are more photos of cops if you were interested :

              Hey chaps, I'm sharing a couple of illustrations here which I have produced based upon research using old photographs, and scraps from regulations where I could find them. These may not be perfect but I am hoping with collective input to make these into useful online references for those starting...