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  • Murder Maps Episode List
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    --------Season 5--------
    The Richmond Murders
    The Cleveland Torso Murders
    Amelia Dyer - The Baby Farmer
    Herbert Armstrong - Hay Poisoner
    Bluebeard / Henri Landru
    Houndsditch Murders (The Siege of Sidney Street)
    Jack the Ripper - Part 2
    Jack the Ripper - Part 1

    --------Season 4-----------

    Sheperds Bush Murders
    The Shepherd's Bush Murders
    Dr. Buck Ruxton
    Mary Ann Cotton
    Peter Manuel

    --------Season 3-----------

    Ruth Ellis
    The Towpath Murder
    The Acid Bath Murders
    The Brighton Trunk Murders

    --------Season 2-----------

    John Christie: Serial Killer, Part 2
    John Christie: Serial Killer, Part 1
    The Lady Killer
    The Blackout Ripper
    Murder in the Roaring Twenties

    --------Season 1------------

    The Brides in the Bath Kille
    Finding Dr. Crippen
    In the Shadow of Jack
    The Bermondsey Horror
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