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Psych The Musical ( JTR Themed Episode)

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  • Psych The Musical ( JTR Themed Episode)

    The program is available, pay per view ( Not expensive)......if I find it without paying for it, I'll post a link.

    The plot concerns the escape of a mental patient named Zachary Zander, who goes by “Z” (Broadway star Anthony Rapp, from ‘Rent‘). Some years earlier, Z was a playwright convicted of murdering a theater critic whose scathing review sunk his musical production of the Jack the Ripper story. Since he’s been locked away, his original producer, director and most of the cast have reunited to relaunch the show under a new title without him, claiming to be working from a completely fresh script. After his escape, the producer and lead actress wind up dead, and it looks like Z is on a kill spree to exact revenge for the betrayal.

    Showrunner Franks managed to turn his dream into reality with this musical Psych episode, which, despite being aired out of chronological order, is a wildly effective form for the show. (It served as the final episode of season seven, though its events transpire before Lassiter and Marlowe’s wedding.) A playwright escapes from a psychiatric hospital years after allegedly killing a critic who was poised to give his play — a Hamilton-ized take on Jack the Ripper — a bad review, and none other than Yang became his closest confidant during his incarceration. The characters zazz their way through breezy numbers such as “Santa Barbara Skies,” “Jamaican Inspector Man,” and “I’ve Heard It Both Ways” as they investigate whether the playwright was framed, but they need to nail their tangos fastbecause he’s embarking on a rampage now that the work is being revived at the city playhouse. On a scale from a Kars4Kidscommercialto Buffy’s “Once More, With Feeling” episode, we’d put “Psych: The Musical” in the upper 70th percentile of the TV musical pantheon, especially when Yang sacrifices her life to protect Shawn from the true culprit, a director. We’d take it (again) from the top any day.
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