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Would you buy a CD or DVD of the site?

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  • Would you buy a CD or DVD of the site?

    If we save all existing content to disk, would you buy one for $20 to help support the site?
    YES - a mere $20 for all that is quite the bargain
    YES - but only if you throw in one of those snappy bottle openers too
    NO - it's good stuff but not THAT good
    NO - this stuff isn't worth saving

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    Hi ho

    Stick yer postal address up here and I'll post ya 20 dollars. But, and no offence meant at all, I wouldnt sully my DVD drive with some of the crap threads that exist here. And on the other site.

    Both sites have seen a fairly horrific downturn in quality JtR content of late as the interesting stugg gets drowned out in a torrent of dids-esque, psychic, non-ripper piffle. Its shocking and I have no idea whats causing it. One eor two general interest threads where all this stuff could go is understandable but it sprouts like mushrooms and its a king sized pain in the ass.

    And that goes for both sites.

    Plus...I purhcased the other DVD some years ago now...and while the content was there I was quite dissappointed with the interface (very bad searching...always been a weakness even on the website itself) and after 6 stopped working.

    I kid you not. I had it proefessionally polished bya CD restore service and that didnt help either not that I had trashed it in any way. Impressed was I not.

    Its one thing to have mountains of turd on a website but its really noticeable when its on a CD and its quantifiable. I can literally work out how nmuch of the 650 Mb or 4 Gb is total and utter tripe. Graphically. It was an eye opener I can tell you.

    So a nice T-shirt, a mug, a dingle berry remover, a pooper scopper.....Id go for them all. But a CD where 90% of threads are about spooky happenings and Dids.....Id rather eat it than read it.

    Lord......that was probably OTT but Ive have had it with threads about stuff I can find anywhere else or that have been lifted from any of a 1000 other "cool websites" blogs like neatorama or where ever.



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      Thanks for the input and opinion.

      The "problem" with a site like JTR Forums is that it not only caters to Ripper-related material and discussion, but also to peripheral interests that might encourage some people to collaborate on Ripper-related projects.

      If there was a site....and there will be soon,Lars....that was pure Ripper or WM or East End and particularly newspaper archives,such as the one I have been slowly putting together, we would all have to be conscientious and avoid the temptation of putting up a superfluous or unrelated thread there and place the superfluous or "fun" threads here on this site.

      My goal from way back in late 2006 was to set up a pure Ripper site,which Tim,Nina and I do have now...but because of time constraints and other issues, I never got around to "setting up". That all changes on Monday, the 16th of June.
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        C'mon, Mr. P, no need to be bashful among friends. Tell us how you really feel.

        Since I had posted that poll on site content, there were several responses of similar opinion. While I do feel that 'all JACK and no play makes a dull boy', I also feel that there is a creeping tendency to favor non-ripper material. Yet, vox populi, vox dei in this game. Give 'em what they want, or someone else will.

        I have tinkered with the idea of rearranging the site to partition it into strict ripper content, relevant content (such as Victoriana and crime), and everything else. That has merit but also promises to be a lot of work. The question is - do it before or after the purge?

        Most people seem to have voted to leave the site content as it is. But that will not preclude anyone from rearranging it as I have described. Would that help ameliorate or mitigate these militant feelings?


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          hi ho chaps

          Fully appreciating that I am a cranky voice in the wind on this matter, if one goes to one doesnt expect to be reading about 101 Films One Should See or whatever.......

          I undertsnad that even the grimmest ripper thread can wander in some odd directions and thats genuinely part of the whole thing.

          BUt many threads are fully starting out as something odd. That should theoretically be nipped in the bud...otherwise just call the site Howards Emporium or and be done with it, thereby freeing up for ripper content.

          Out of interest.....what do you think would happen if all the non ripper content was moved to a sister site called wipperworld or something ? People wouldnt stay there....they would wander over to the new more focussed and start at it agian,

          If one watches what happens and how this works....the pattern becomes evident.

          A newbie arrives and starts some posting and getting on friendly terms with th elocals.

          Next thing.....their limited interest in JtR runs out and they begin, having gotten acquainted with th elocals, posting on non ripper drivvel.

          No on other websites.....such newbies usually get such a brutal reception that they leave toot sweet.

          because things are nicer over here...people survive a bit longer.....and more non ripper threads start.

          But the prevalence of non ripper threads sets up an angry circle whereby people with a genuine ripper interest cant find their way around and leave.

          Its all complex. But I appreciate the problem. Brutal thread fascism is probbaly the solution.

          But I do not envey anyone the task.

          SamF mind you was a dab hand with a size 10 jackboot, rubber truncheon and kicking down your door once upon a time......



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            Originally posted by Mr. Poster View Post
            SamF mind you was a dab hand with a size 10 jackboot, rubber truncheon and kicking down your door once upon a time...
            I object!

            I take size 11.


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              And thats why we are going to have a site with Ripper-only well as the diversions on this site, which will stay here.

              I'm thinking: newspaper archives; the O.D. ; book reviews ; dissertations...

              Have any ideas on your end?
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                $20 is about £10.50 so it's not bad at all! I'm in!!


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                  Mike, Gareth says you had better be in or you will be declared racially inferior.


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                    hi ho How

                    I dont mind where the frothy stuff does. If I had the bandwidth and the clout ....... all material such as dissertations, theses etc. would be presented in their own section. Similar to casebbok or whatever.

                    The discussion would confine itself it to three subareas and that is all: victims witnesses and suspects.

                    Each of those would be further divided into each victim, suspect and witness.

                    And that is it. NO more subdivisison. All discussion can be related to either a witness, a suspect or a victim. Everything else is barely ripperological and can easily be served elsewhere.

                    By stripping it down to its essential underwear that will focus the mind.

                    If a topic cannot be related to one of those three....then it aint ripper and should be elsewhere. A distillation if you will. Thats not to say that the residue doesnt have a place. But it isnt in th ebest wine decanter.

                    WE know that discussions evelove with their own dynamic. We have seen it on GH threads. Having three threads all dealing with GH :

                    Was Mr A real?

                    GH the liar

                    GH the non liar

                    and so on is pointless. One thread on GH woul dbe more logical. They develop their own dynamic, they evolve, they are easier to read. The occassions when one thread has been unhandleable due to 3 different discussions are rare indeed. The ocassions when an entire thread has become impossible due to a welther of sub threads are legion.

                    ALL subjects should be relatable to a witness a victim or a suspect.

                    IF someone deviates and tries to discuss non related stuff.....such a system is easily moderated and should, due to th evolume of "pure" discussion be self regulating to some extent.

                    It not perfect but its managebale, its less easily abused and cuts out the generation of rubbish.

                    I have to go now.....I think I see SamF pulling up in his cattle car......



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                      Good. Glad to hear of a Ripper-only site in the works. You could have deleted the Trenouth threads a couple of times and the animal pics. Also the caption contest threads - these eat up a lot of space.


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                        Yes, I would.

                        Doesn't this site accept donations, like the other one does?


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                          Tim is ( allegedly ) working on the production of a disc of the site's material.
                          Just in case you weren't aware, I had moved some archived material over to the JTRStudies alternate site.

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