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  • Do You Consider This as a Possibility?

    Practically everyone believes that JTR was either a psychopath or a sadosexual serial killer, the rare exceptions being those such as Ivor Edwards, who postulates an occult motive. But there are other possibilities, of course, of varying degrees of likelihood. Just how reasonable do our members feel that a motive such as cover-up for another crime, such as espionage, is? It has to be admitted, that if one wished to create a diversion in the autumn of 1888, he could hardly have outdone JTR.
    YES - maybe a novel approach like this will finally solve the mystery.
    NO - rubbish and poppycock; who thinks up this stuff anyway?

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    In most cases of groups or individuals ( Sinn Fein,Hamas,Unabomber,and The Mad Bomber), single and multiple crimes or "Blows against the Empire" perpetrated, usually find a "calling card", a declaration of responsibility by the offending party, or another identifying mark,so that the cause for which the acts are/were committed with perhaps more to come, are known to the public,powers that be, and for posterity. Despite the possibility of groups that may have reasons to stir up the political waters, like the Jacobites,a few immigrants for unknown reasons,or even an anti-immigrant cadre performing the Ripper crimes, the absence of a mentioning of a specific cause celebre' by the murderer in Whitechapel, sort of lean my fat butt toward feeling that it was not for an act of espionage..Good question,Tim.....


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      With the context of the time and place they occured, I put zero faith in the killings, as a possible "cover-up" for some larger conspiracy that might have gone on regarding something else. First off, if their was some conspiracy at work, royal or not, why on earth would it have involved prostitutes of all people? A select group of people, whom the majority of society looks down upon, as being nothing better than a group of feeble-minded, drunken whores, who's every word is a fantasy of their own, alcohol-induced imagination? People who's word is not to be taken at face value, or believed for any reason whatsoever? Why would someone choose to commit the greater evil, and take SEVERAL chances on being caught for a crime, that would have surely landed them in the hanging gallows if they had been caught? What possibly could have been deemed THAT important, that it required mass murder to keep it sealed in secret?

      My opinion? Nothing.


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        Good thinking, Ghost.....real good thinking. It would be more shocking to whack some prominent society types to get more bang for your buck.