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**Killer Contact- Jack The Ripper--December 4, 2013**

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  • **Killer Contact- Jack The Ripper--December 4, 2013**

    The program which appeared last night ( a non-Ripperologist buddy at work told me about this...) on the SyFy Channel

    You may be able to access it....I was unable to.
    I'll find this one, one way or the other....
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    Watch this space....I'll locate it soon.

    In Killer Contact, viewers will follow a team of paranormal investigators as they research the otherworldly activity at historical sites and explore the gruesome back story of the infamous and heinous individuals who operated out of each location. The team will stop at nothing as they dig deep into the crimes and victims to determine if they are the cause of the present-day haunting.

    Investigations this season focus on historical figures including Jack the Ripper (London), Dracula-inspiration Vlad the Impaler (Romania) and the bloodthirsty Borgias (Italy). Learn more about the case being investigated here!
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      The full episode is now available on Youtube.

      Words fail me, I'm afraid.


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        How ridiculous

        When they mentioned a woman called Lyndsey being pushed down the stairs by Jack the Ripper I thought it can't be can it? - But it was

        The only mystery I noticed there was how Molly went upstairs immediately upon request and her "prostitute" garb (looks like usual Friday night wear to me) disappeared

        The EMF meter is affected by things as innocuous as phones and the like and there is no evidence such a meter indicates a supernatural presence

        I wish people wouldn't keep fabricating such "evidence" for ghosts etc

        Has this programme got a label of "for entertainment purposes only"?

        Even that statement would be questionable



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          Even String and Linford could make a better program than this balderdash !
          I oughta be shot for bringing it up on the boards in the first place..
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            Hello Howard.

            "I oughta be shot for bringing it up on the boards in the first place."

            If you recall, in "The Voice of Terror," Harry Cording (as a criminal) has demanded of Basil Rathbone (as Sherlock Holmes) whom informed on him. Rathbone replies that he informed on himself with the ash from a cigarette.
            "So I did it? I ought to be shot!"

            Rathbone replies laconically, "Perhaps some day you shall be." (heh-heh)



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              Good ey-dee switching rails on this thread, LC.
              Cording was in several Holmes films...
              Spider Woman ( as the dude with the little pygmy in the suitcase who gets shot off the roof ).
              House of Fear---Captain Simpson
              Dressed To Kill-- as Hamid
              Secret Weapon--as Jack Brady
              Pearl Of Death--George Gelder
              Voice Of Terror---as a drunken Linford-like character.

              There's very little known about the the public,that is.
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