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How Would You Feel if You Discovered That You Were Related to JACK?

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    Originally posted by Chris Scott View Post
    Hi Karen
    His name was Thomas Henry Scott and he is listed in Wikipedia

    It says in the article that he came from Huddersfield. That is not correct. He lived at one time in Huddersfield but he came originally from County Durham.

    Hi Chris

    Why don't you correct the misinformation on Wikipedia about your hangman ancestor? I am editor on Wikipedia and have contributed information on a number of different topics. It looks as if complete genealogical information, i.e., at least birth and death dates, is needed for Thomas Henry Scott. You could do the world a service. You might also have some useful input to make on Scott's character and achievements.

    Best regards

    Chris George
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      I think its a pretty cool thing that no one voted "Horrified" yet...
      I'd be horrified if I was related to Tim.
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        Nonchalant. My grandfather on my mother's side owned a speakeasy on the Lower East Side of New York during prohibition and used to entertain us by showing us his knife scars. On my father's side, his great-uncles were members of a certain, ummm, Italian-American fraternal organization.

        A serial killer? That would be just the second inning in the Franco family's World Series of Shocking the In-Laws.


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          Hmmmm .... my In-laws are shocking enough already.
          Lacerta es reptiles quisnam mos non exsisto accuso nusquam


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            Originally posted by How Come
            I'd be horrified if I was related to Tim.
            Could be, pal. If your mother ever remembers who your father was, out of all those possibilities, give me the name and I'll begin a genealogical search.


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              I voted 'upset' because I'd be angry that I didn't find out before someone else (since it was my own kin) and win the Kewpie doll everyone's been after all these years.

              Best Wishes,
              Cris Malone
              "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


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                In a similar vein I just watched this documentary:
                It's a very moving and startling programme about how the descendants of some of the 3rd Reich's most notorious criminals came to terms with their ancestors past.

                People outside the UK may not be able to view the programme, I tried to find another link but failed.