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  • Ripperology's Significant Others.

    After dragging my wife through the cemetery recently, searching for a grave that seems to have disappeared, it got me wondering about other peoples significant others.

    Does your other half help you on the field of Ripperology?

    Do they share an interest in the field?

    Do they dislike your hobby?

    Or have you never discussed the subject?
    Yes, and they support and help me.
    They are fed up of me discussing the case.
    She despairingly calls herself a Ripper Widow

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    Good idea for a thread Mike.

    Nina is not only lucky to be my wife...waiting for the slap..there it is...ouch...thank you....but she helps me out by being a big ear to me and my ramblin' tendencies ( Ask Mike if I can ramble on...he was ready to stick his head in the oven this morning after I launched into stuff over the phone with him).

    Nina focuses primarily on geneaological work...which requires a great deal of patience. I greatly admire those who can sit and stare at barely legible transcriptions and attempt to make sense of blotches of ink. She's got the patience of Job,lemme tell ya..

    On the other hand,I try to help her out by making suggestions...and bringing her coffee...

    Anyone else?
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      Susan has an interest in the case, and the period, but tends to roll her eyes when I mention Stephenson and his clan. She does read newspaper reports to me, so that I might type them up quicker, and she has stood against a corner whilst I carry out a fake attack to ascertain just how Jack killed his victims.

      One of the most amusing events we did together was searching for the Dawber family grave a few months ago. It was raining, windy, and we were knee deep in mud, shrubs and various species of plant life, but she kept smiling and helped me look.

      We never found it, but I think she enjoyed the day!


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        One of the first things Nina and I did when we met in Massachusetts in fact it was on the 4th of July when we did the following... was drive all the way up to Salem to see if we could get into the cemetery where Carrie Brown is buried and write down the info on the headstones and even, ahem...photograph the plot without being nailed for violating cemetery rules against such activity.

        Anyway, we figured we had the makings of an article on Carrie for Ripperologist Magazine. At least we thought we did.

        One of the most extraordinary and bizarre turn of events as far as my participation in Ripperology occurred when we found out that not only was that NOT the right Carrie Brown....but the Carrie Brown we found was also from Salem, died in New York and in New York City, in the same year as the Carrie Brown and had her body shipped back to Salem for burial a little more than a mile away from the other Carrie Brown.

        We couldn't access Harmony Grove Cemetery where the right Carrie Brown is buried, since the concentration camp style razor wire is a little too high to climb to enter from the rear...and the gatekeeper was either sleeping or not present at the front gate to let us in. We originally went to Harmony Grove unsure of which cemetery she was in...a fact that we later found was known to some in Ripper circles...

        Man,it was one humid sumbitch that day too. That was the day I opened up a map of Salem looking for one of the only two cemeteries in Salem and my eyes immediately fell on the intersection of Howard Street and Brown Street....which,of course, should be a National landmark in a few years if I can swing it........but anyway,it was a heck of a day.
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          In the UK, at least locally, cemeteries are open during the day, but after a certain time they are closed to the public. Access can be gained if one writes to the local authorities, but most people risk getting in. Many of the cemeteries in Hull are gated now, but none have razor wire, just high fences.


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            I notice that at least one Forums member has mentioned that their significant other is less interested in this field than they are.

            No need for details...but I would be curious as to how that affects people who are interested in Ripperology...having a significant other who isn't.

            I think that it might be easy for someone like me to underappreciate the effort those who have wives or husbands and who participate on the site and in the field but don't have a partner who shares the same passion or interest they do.

            If anyone cares to discuss the issue, then please do.

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              It's a different situation for me and Holly because we don't live together(and for most of the year she lives about a hundred miles away) but we've been dating for two years so figured I'd answer.

              She finds it interesting, but not to the extent I do, and wouldn't have the patience to commit any time to the case, or do anything more than maybe browse one of my books. She is however very supportive and patient with me - not even complaining when I come to visit her and ask to check the forums on her laptop!

              "It is far more comfortable to point a finger and declare someone a devil, than to call upon your imagination to try to understand their world."



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                May I humbly suggest this simple and time tested manuever?

                Just kidding buddy...its nice that Holly is supportive of you.
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                  There needs to be the option: "I'm a loser, with NO significant other to boast of!", so I can respond!


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                    If Susan gets any more frustrated with me, I will be joining your list too Dustin!


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                      The wife just asked what it's all about I explained about the mystery of the case the diary, clues or lack of and the suspects. "OK" I got.
                      No interest what so ever.


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                        My partner is not really interested in JtR, but since he is interested in unusual stuff himself, scientific things mostly, he shows understanding.
                        So he will sit with me through an occasional JtR documentary or movie and he only slightly rolls his eyes when I start nitpicking. (I can't help it!)

                        The other day we were watching a docu and I turn to him and say "Hey, Isenschmid was from Switzerland not from Sweden, no?" and he gives me this "Well, how the hell should *I* know"-look. <erm>

                        Sometimes he even asks about JtR-related stuff, probably not so much because he's interested, but because he likes it when I talk enthusiastically about something that really interests me. And I like to listen to him telling me about his projects, though I only understand half of it, because I'm pretty clueless when it comes to mathematics.

                        We're comfortable with this, but I don't know how it is for friends visiting us, who will get a double dose of weird interests.


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                          My significant other was at one time very interested in the murders, wanting to know all the details, but she is now sick to death of it and hasn't spoken about it for a long time.


                          Joe Barnett


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                            I guess she told you to cut it out.


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                              There isn't really a poll options that suits for this one :-) Lee watches all the documentaries on TV, probably more than I do (if truth be known as I am too susceptible to suspect based Ripperology and just end up believing that every theory is plausible) ~ However, Lee read Stephen Knight some years ago and sadly thinks the royal conspiracy has credence - but after his eye op tomorrow, I may give him carte blanch to peruse the forums to debunk his lunacy lol.
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