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OP and the Credence of Nunners

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  • OP and the Credence of Nunners

    Hi ho

    I like polls . So Im going to have one:

    "Does The Obscure Paper (hereafter "OP") lend credence (clearwater revival) ro Nunners fondly held Toppy Tale?

    certainly does
    certainly does not
    hard to tell

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    I went for "Certainly does", but only because "Possibly does" wasn't available as an option. I couldn't honestly vote "Hard to tell", because I believe the Wheeling Register article offers prima facie support to Toppy's tale.

    PS: I feel a bit uncomfy discussing this here, when good old Nunners is over on Casebook. I hope he doesn't mind.


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      Nunners is a member of the Forums too.
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        Originally posted by How Brown View Post

        Nunners is a member of the Forums too.
        Good-oh! The more the merrier, How


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          Hi ho SamF

          I understand your concern. Put as I have been banned for sucking too vigorously at the toxic teats of an Iberian pox maiden ....... I must support Nunners from here.

          Which I am quite happy to do so for the following reasons:

          1. there is less strife

          2. there are less crazy bints

          3. the lunatic fringe are less in evidence here for some reason.

          4. 6 years of accumulated wisdom havent recently vansihed in a puff and the sense of "heft" if you will still exists. As opposed to resurrected wraiths of threads best left lost and only the memories of the ones not retrieved.

          So my butt is firmly planted and as the seat is warm I aint budging.



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            It has come to my attention that perhaps "Nunners" is not the best way to be describing RichardNunweek.

            I apologise for any offence caused, genuinely thought it was a nickname thatw as in common use, didnt realise he wasnt into it and would change the titleof this thread if I could but I cant.

            needless to say....from now on I will be referring to him as something more appropriate.



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              As a general rule I don't vote on polls, but I do have a comment to make on a statement made by Bob Hinton at the Casebook site:

              "Most papers disregard this as a rumour, or because the British papers can check with the police to ascertain the facts. However the story gets some credibility in America where it is published in some back street red top, The Wheeler Register."

              This, judging by my experience, is very unlikely. Papers like the Wheeling Register were getting their articles off the wire. With the exception of a few major east coast papers that had correspondents in Europe and the UK, these smaller papers were reprinting articles (often inaccurately) that came from the other side of the pond to begin with. I suspect there is a yet undiscovered UK source (or at least New York source) for the Register's statement. The trouble would be tracking it down.

              I've never considered Hutchinson to be much more than a wall-lounger, but it does seem rather far-fetched to assume that a man who just happened to share the same name, would later take on this 'urban folklore' and then spread it around as his own. Ripperologists, as a whole, are rather keen on quickly dismissing everything that doesn't neatly fall within their narrow gaze.

              And by the way, for his part in bringing Thomas Neill Cream to justice, Inspector Jarvis was paid the kingly sum of £2. So the £5 figure does seem a little hard to swallow.