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    You likem White Tatanka, eh Keemosabi!
    You likem movies where White Tatanka hear'em voices in field of corn or see'em things.
    Them things be there. You give them funny names like UFO and WMD....


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      Ugh..Me no have'em hots for Kevin Costner.

      ....but my ex wife did once. She learned the hard way not to wax romantic around me...

      Long story short,one time she went on and on and on about how "good" he was as an actor. We were getting ready to go to the store [ it was one of her weekly trips to buy new shoes...two feet and 40 pairs of shoes...go figure.] and I said..."This guy is the same guy in every movie. He stinks."

      She said..."Yeah,papi...but he is so guapo" [ which means "handsome" in Spanish. Pronounced Wop-O

      So I plopped back down on the couch and said.."Let El Wop-O take you to the mall." and I didn't take her.

      Notable because that may have been the only argument I ever had with her where I "won".
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        Good one, Howard....
        My cousin Walter thinks Message In A Bottle is the best movie ever made. Romantic? Not if he's like me....Maybe if the song from the trailer was used in the movie. I was waiting for that song....That bothered me....That was as good a trailer as I've ever seen....

        Keemosabi, us Pale Faces must teach English Pale Faces like John Smith and Batman Bale about New World and its Pocahontases. Mini Ha ha have problem not just with diabetes....
        Injuns not sedentary people. They not like sit crossleg in teepee very long. Born to run and dance with Wolves, not sit crossleg on couch and eat English fish and chips. Eat chips and drink beer make Injun blow up. Pocahontas go from Mini Ha Ha to Maxi Ha Ha very fast....
        That why it makem big difference to be part Injun--or else Aboriginal Peoples Television Network not show movies like Benny and Joon and JFK. It makem very big difference....
        Unless White Tatanka be Pale Face from Austria. Then it maken no big heap o' wampum difference....


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          You need to wampum Cousin Walter upsidem head...Him like Pauly Shore?

          Depp is part wagonburner too...He hails from Florida...

          Paleface Brown's daughter part canoepaddler..her mama being from Puerto no takem offensum.
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            Cousin Walter live in Varese somewhere so I don't know if he likem Paulie Shore. He probably likem Ensino Man. Ugh ugh....
            My daughters are part MicMac from Nova Scotia--(Mcs and Macs from Scotia Ha ha)....One day I will teach them their heritage by letting them read great Native book of truth:
            Justice Denied, The Donald Marshall Story....


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              I agree with How - AGAIN!!

              That seems to be happening quite frequently, How!

              I find Johnny Depp much more attractive than Kevin Costner, plus Depp is a much better actor. Remember "Waterworld"? That was even worse than "Diary World".


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                Speaking of which....... Maybe this attractive Adonis would have redeemed "Waterworld."


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                  Originally posted by How Brown View Post
                  Ivor Edwards was named for Ivor Novello, the actor in the 1926 Hitchcock film, The Lodger.

                  Ivor Novello was Welsh....and gay.

                  So was Laird Cregar gay [ and he grew up in the same neighborhood and knew my Dad]..and he played The Lodger in the 1944 film of the same name..

                  ...but he wasn't Welsh.
                  So all Welsh are Gay? I never knew that!


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                    Dear Mac...

                    Nah, they ain't all gay. That was a stab at humor from long ago.

                    Maybe 40 percent at tops.
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                      Here's the official web site for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street starring Johnny Depp --


                      There is also now a full color book to accompany the film --

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                        Synchronicity. I just read in the local paper that JD was spotted doing his shopping on a number of occasions in the local Waitrose.


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                          Originally posted by WRITEFX View Post
                          Synchronicity. I just read in the local paper that JD was spotted doing his shopping on a number of occasions in the local Waitrose.
                          ...not half as spotted as he was towards the end of this film