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  • The Goodson Family

    I've just made an unexpected discovery.

    In 1882 Henry Goodson was tried, along with Mary Kelly's subsequent landlord John McCarthy, for riot. In 1888, one of the lodgers at 29 Hanbury St worked for Goodson. And by far the most likely identifiaction for the Ben Goodson who co-habited with Rose Mylett is Henry's brother.

    The unexpected dsicovery is that I am (if I've got my genealogical terminology correct) Henry's first cousin five times removed!

    A tenuous family link with the Whitechapel Murders that I had no idea about.

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    Hi Dave,
    Very intersting links there!
    I'm interested in your Ben Goodson research, will you/have you posted or published this anywhere that I can read up on it?


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      Hi Debs,

      I will post more when I've had time to look at it in a bit more detail.

      I am surprised to have any family link with the WMs, however tenuous, as my family, as far back as you care to go, come from Hampshire, Surrey and Dorset, with just a smidgen of Kent and Wiltshire.

      The single exception is my Great Great Grandfather Charles Wood who was born in the East End in 1852. He joined the Navy, and married a Portsmouth girl, and lived in Portsmouth thereafter.

      Charles Wood's mother was Mary Ann Goodson, and she was part of the Goodson family that lived in and around Spitalfields at the time of the WMs.

      To be honest, I had never noticed the reference to Ben Goodson in connection with Rose Mylett until I saw it in the new A-Z. When I searched on 'Goodson' and 'Spitalfields' I came across the stuff about Henry, who I am certainly related to, as newspaper reports give us his occupation and address.

      There are two or three possible Ben Goodsons who could have been the one who lived with Mylett, but I think the most likely is Henry's brother - doubt if I will be able to prove it though, as all I am aware of having been reported was his name (no age, address, occupation, or anything useful like that - if you have come across any of those details then please let me know!)



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        Thanks David,
        I think you may be on to something with Ben Goodson. I know Rob was interested in identifying Goodson when we were doing the Mylett research but time was short and we didn't get the chance to look into him properly.
        Unfortunately the papers didn't give his age or occupation, I think only a couple of papers actually gave his first name as Ben from what I remember. All we know is that he had lived with Catherine Mylett at George St. Spitalfields, so a Ben Goodson born and bred in Spitalfields seems a likely candidate.

        So you are related to 'Sugar' Goodson? You probably know already that Henry was a legitimate amateur boxer and that there was a bit of hoo haa in the sporting press at the time over his conviction (along with John McCarthy) for the chapel fight, the sports papers defended it as a legitimate fight and claimed that police had overstated the case. I think he also had a conviction later for a similar thing in Eltham? He's mentioned in boxing magazines quite a few times...but I'm probably telling you stuff you already know.
        I didn't know about the Hanbury Street link.

        Very interesting stuff.


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          Thanks very much for starting this thread. I can only imagine how you felt when you discovered this link to the Case. Great work on your part.


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            I was just looking again at the news reports where John Mccarthy and Henry Goodson were charged for the prize fight in a chapel after David mentioned it, and I noticed that the name John Satchell was also amongst the people prosecuted. Was this the same John Satchell who owned 19 George Street does anyone know?


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              Dave, Rob has just reminded me that he also thought Henry Goodson, mentioned in the prize fight prosecutions may have been related to Mylett's Ben Goodson. He also mentioned to me at the time but I had forgotten until he reminded me just now, that there is also a man named Thomas Davis listed amongst the accused in that same case. Catherine Mylett gave the name of Thomas Davis as the father of her two children, Florence and Henry, on their birth certificates. We were never able to find a marriage certificate although Catherine claimed they were married.


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                Debs, that is all very interesting - we will have to see what we can find out.

                Re Ben Goodson, looking on Ancestry, there are only three such named individuals who I cannot confidently rule out.

                One is Henry's brother, birth reg Q4 1846 Whitechapel, death reg Q3 1915 Whitechapel. He is living in Heneage St on the 1871 & 1881 censuses. Can't see him in 1891. I strongly suspect he is the same Benjamin Goodson who pops up a number of times in the criminal records section, including 15 months for warehousebreaking in 1883.

                The second is the above's son, Benjamin Richard, born Dec 19th 1869. I tend to think it wasn't him, as he was still residing with members of his family in 1891.

                The last is a Benjamin Goodson 22yo Warehouseman born in Leeds, resident Moreland Street, St Lukes on the 1891 census. He would seem fairly unlikely.

                All the others can be discounted (for example, one from Battersea who was living at the same address in 1881 and 1891)


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                  I agree with all of your reasoning there on eliminating the other Ben Goodson's, Dave.

                  You are right about the criminal convictions too.
                  Benjamin Goodson, brother of Henry was convicted in 1883 and he admitted a previous offence 17 years earlier..late 60's?

                  Here's the 1883 news report that confirms it's the same Benjamin Goodson

                  The Illustrated Police News etc Saturday, March 10, 1883
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	The Illustrated Police News etc (London, England), Saturday, March 10, 1883 ben goodson.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	24.9 KB
ID:	550904

                  And here's one concerning Henry Goodson and an occurence at Hanbury St in 1890, just for interest.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	goodson 1890.JPG
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Size:	30.1 KB
ID:	550905


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                    Thanks Debs, sounds like they were a colourful family!


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                      I'm having a lot of difficulty finding any record of Ben between 1886 and his death in 1915.

                      1867 he gets 6 months for larceny & receiving
                      1868 he marries Elizabeth Burles in Beauchamp Roding, Ongar, Essex
                      1869 son Benjamin Richard born, residence 6 John Street
                      1871 residence 45 Heneage Street
                      1872 daughter Elizabeth Martha born, residence Heneage Street
                      1875 daughter Alice born, residence Heneage Street
                      1876 acquitted of wounding
                      1876 son Alfred born?
                      1877 son Edward born, residence Heneage Street
                      1879 son William born, residence Heneage Street
                      1881 residence Heneage Street
                      1883 sentenced to 15 months for warehousebreaking
                      1885 daughter Lydia born, residence 11 Corbett Court
                      1886 acquitted of larceny & receiving

                      then nothing at all until his death in Whitechapel in 1915.

                      His wife appears in the census records from 1891-1911 as married, but not living with Ben. She died in 1913.

                      1891 she is at 1 Church Street with daughter Lydia
                      1901 she is at 6 Hanbury Street
                      1911 she is at 72 Ritching Avenue, Walthamstow with daughter Lydia.

                      Can anyone find any record of Ben after 1886??


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                        David, I haven't been able to find anything after 1886 either.

                        It looks on the surface like he might have split from his wife anyway from the information you have posted, which would fit with him being able to live with Catherine Mylett for 3 months in 1888 at 18 George Street.

                        But where he was in 1891 and afterwards is a mystery to me, unless he went by an alias or something.


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                          I was browsing through some large files of Licences of Parole for Female Convicts 1883-1887 and amazingly and quite by chance came across a mention of Ben Goodson in one of them.

                          The file was for a Bridget Kelly born 1862 and convicted in 1882 for robbery with violence in the Ratcliffe Highway. The file consists of photograph of the convict, previous convictions, record of conduct while in prison, description of prisoner, record of correspondence while in prison etc. (fascinating reads in themselves for me)
                          One page consists of a letter, signed by Inspector Abberline, in response to the prisoner govenor's request for information about a man named Ben Goodson and his whereabouts. It's definitely the same Ben Goodson identified by Dave as Corbetts Court, Spitalfields, is mentioned.
                          The name Annie Cohen is given as an associate of Ben Goodson in 1886, so it looks like he was definitely seperated from his wife at this time.

                          I am still reading through the file at the moment so I have no idea at the moment why Ben Goodson's name should be mentioned in Bridget's files, obviously he was known to her in some way.

                          I will post the relevant page below, plus a pic of Bridget.


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                            Pic of Annie Cohen mentioned in other post.
                            Benjamin Goodson's name also appears in this file.
                            In 1881 Annie and Ben attempted to get permission to write letters to each other. This was refused on at least one occassion.
                            These were Ben's contact details in Aug 1881 and following years.

                            Benjamin Goodson
                            c/o Mr May [Ray?]
                            6 Flowery Dean St
                            Brick lane
                            13 8 81
                            supressed on account of PR


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                              Probably not your man, but there is a Benjamin Goodson, also born in 1847, and also a carman The Essex Standard, West Suffolk Gazette, and Eastern Counties' Advertiser, Saturday, March 06, 1880.
                              Attached Files