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  • Esther Pickles

    Who was Esther Pickles ?

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    Esther Pickles was the Female Searcher at Commercial Street Police Station.

    Old Bailey records show she was working there between 1886-92.


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      Good one Jon. I'd never have gotten that answer.
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        Some people have all the luck,eh J.G. ?
        That sounds like a job I'd been happy to have had.
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          Some more Female Searchers, 1886-91.
          It appears to be a job commonly undertaken by the Police Sergeant`s wife.
          At least two of the below were married to a Police Sergeant.

          Eliza Padley assisted her Aunt in searching female prisoners at Moor Lane Station (City Police)

          Ann Denton was Female Searcher at Old Street Station.

          Anna Whitehead - Bermondsey Street station

          Harriet Morris - Kilburn High Rd

          Alice Banks - Whetstone Station

          Mary Ann Bennett - Notting Dale

          Mary Hawkins - Deptford Station

          Ellen North - Kennington Lane Station
          Emily Barber - Kennington Lane

          Harriet Morris - West Hampstead Station

          Elizabeth Fear - Bridewell Station

          Elizabeth Reynolds - Highgate Station

          Caroline Amelia Joy - Cloak Lane Station

          Margaret Best - Stones End Station

          Margaretta Best - Southwark Station

          Jane Coleman - Brockley Station

          Mary Ann Foxley - Greenwich Station

          Ann Garton - Dalston Lane station

          Mary Forster - Islington Station

          Lucy Bird - West Ham Station

          Ellen Tilling -Ealing Station

          Ann Allen - Peckham Station

          Annie Ellis - Bow Street

          Louisa Rescola -Marylebone Lane

          Jane Wolstencroft (Walsingcroft) - Battersea Road

          Ray Dowling - Harlesden Station

          Jane Epps - Hoxton Station

          Georgina Braham - Rochester Row

          Maria Middleton - Poplar

          Sarah Fenton - Carter St Station

          Sarah Sawtell - Kentish Town - searched Mary Pearcey

          Lydia Kedge - High Rd, Lee

          Mary Morse - Guildford

          Mary Lambell - Hammersmith

          Ann Allen - Peckham


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            Looks like Ray Dowling had the same idea I had at Harlesden Station.
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              These women were know as Police Matrons and, as John states, were used to search and monitor women and children held in the cells.

              They also did the domestic duties at the section house/police station.

              My understanding is that the Met made this an official job in 89, with 14 women employed at stations throughout the London area.

              Mr G, can I mail you regarding this matter?