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Ripper Theme park in Austria

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  • Ripper Theme park in Austria

    The link below is a photo that shows a spooky building that seems to be a cross between the Bates House from Psycho and Monster House...
    This is in Vienna and the sign outside reads:
    Neu Monster Schluch Holle
    Jack the Ripper
    Over the door is a sign saying JR 1888

    I assume this is some kind of JTR theme park - anyone known anything about it

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    Not clicked on the link, Chris, as I think I know what this is. I believe it's some sort of ghost train device or walk-through in a theme park and I don't think it has much more connection than the name. I've been seeing photos of it online for some time and initially wondered if it were subject specific.

    Tour guides do it loudly in front of a crowd


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      Here are some impressions of the Jack the Ripper House in Vienna. The house seems to be part of the Viennese Prater Amusement Park rather than being a theme park itself. It is apparent that the house offers something reminiscent of the London Dungeon's treatment of the Ripper legend. All goriness and shock value:

      "You walk on foot through this maze of dark passages which hold frightening surprises. Surrounded by the sounds of eerie laughter, you try to find your way around the complete darkness that is only broken by sudden flashes of light and skeletons falling in front of you, jets of air coming up unexpectedly when you step on hidden planks, and guys who act like statues that spontaneously come to live to scare the living daylights out of you. We entered an elevator that crashed, and then ended up in a room that swayed very wildely and seemed to turn around us when we sat down on a bench. The walk through the house was really long with a lot of grizzly sights, such as torture chambers, fake blood, medieval birds, etc. . We both kept pushing the other in front since we were lost in the maze of passages. This was quite scary and is definitely not for the faint hearted."
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        Many thanks guys
        I don't think I'll be on the next flight to go and see it:-)