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    Never saw this thread before but as regards to smoke and smog, I remember reading about a young lady whose dead body was found in a London street before the Clean Air Legislation (

    Her identity was unknown but the coroner said that she could not have lived in London more than a few months because her lungs weren't black.


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      Originally posted by Stephen Thomas View Post
      I remember reading about a young lady whose dead body was found in a London street before the Clean Air Legislation. Her identity was unknown...
      ... Eva Sigh?


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        It's a good job I waited as the new attractions have only just opened this weekend at Blists Hill Victorian town and I was looking forward to the fish supper

        Here's the story from tonights paper

        Click image for larger version

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        The man in the first photo isn't Jack the Ripper - he's a poor excuse for a copycat who has been reading too many stories - he's obviously attacking that woman in broad daylight


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          Hi all

          I finally got around to visiting Blists Hill

          The good news is I got a family passport that lasts a year so I'm going again tomorrow - lol

          The kids loved the trip

          I thought I'd post a couple of pics

          The first is one I mentioned previously depicting a Victorian slaughterhouse when I visited last

          The exhibition has been toned down a bit since then

          The butchers shop is the bulding on the left of the pic and is on the high street which consists of a string of shops

          The building with the large wooden door to the right is the slaughterhouse

          The gates were open and a huge side of beef hung from hooks in the centre of the doorway

          The whole animal, horse, cow etc would be strung up in this way and gutted and butchered totally in public view of women and children alike (and SKs)

          The blood if not collected ran like a river down those cobbles you can see into the gutter/drain

          The second pic shows a couple of characters from the place

          I will post some on Flickr as there is a locksmiths for example with many types of spring locks -a fashionable clothes shop - a chemist etc etc all with authentic "props"

          Click image for larger version

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          Click image for larger version

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            Hands-On History?

            Originally posted by Nemo View Post
            Try the games - You can dress a Victorian lady - I bet you don't get it right first time.
            I just had a flashback to Monty Python's
            'Twit Of The Year' Competition where a very flustered Twit is helplessly wrestling a mannequin & he can't manage to get its bra off...

            So did you guys do better or worse than the Twit?

            I'll have to try the game & see if I can do it; I'll report back.


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              I didn't make it yesterday so I'm going today -

              There's a blacksmiths convention on this weekend where you can see and buy artwork like errrrrr... Baphomets - aaaaaaaaaargh!!!

              Click image for larger version

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                Hi All

                Sorry I've been away for a short while

                heres a link to some photos of relevance
                Surgical instruments inside a doctor's house
                food prices
                Victorian dress
                Find Leather Apron!

                etc etc

                Worth a look

                There's a shell/ambulance thingy and some nice period vehicles...


                (PS Wuthering Heights is on Sunday 9pm Currebell)


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                  PPS Apologies for the useless camera work and the orientation hiccups...


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                    Oh, that looks like a place I want to visit. The old engines!

                    But what is that weird looking animal on the right?



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                      I had my reservations about that bird UV - and I was with an old time poacher guy at the time - even he was unsure

                      The conclusion was that it is a very scrawny pheasant with the tail removed

                      In fact, I'm not sure if it appears in any of the pics, but a collection of pheasant tails and the like were in the hat maker's shop

                      I used to collect fox and squirrel tails when I was a kid to sell to fisherman who used the tails to make various fishing flies - I got good prices for them

                      I suspect the pheasant tails were similarly a valuable commodity in the city so you would probably never see a dead pheasant with the tail on


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                        To Nemo

                        Thanks luv! I have it marked in my diary, on the calendar, and on the back of my hand amongst other places ;-)


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                          There's an early insight in my local paper to an upcoming TV series called "The Victorian Pharmacist"

                          They will recreate old remedies and try them out on modern patients

                          Filming is ongoing at Blist Hill Victorian town

                          In the article it relates some of the remedies and their success or failure, together with the following amusing quote...

                          There were of course, plenty of ailments in the Victorian era which were misdiagnosed or dashed off as something else

                          One is so called "female hysteria", a once-common medical diagnosis which in 1859 affected a quarter of all women but which today is no longer recognised by modern authorities as a medical disorder

                          According to some records, women considered to be suffering from it exhibited a wide array of symptoms including faintness, nervousness...loss of appetite for food or sex, and according to one particular source, "a tendency to cause trouble"

                          It was thought to be partly caused by lack of sexual satisfaction...


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                            As a registered, resident,non practicing sexual healer and physician, lemme tell ya Nemo...they're still causing problems. I actually had to wait 30 seconds just now for Nina to come in with a fresh cup o' java for me. Thirty seconds !...Its getting to the point that I might have to stick more electric wires on her and zap her at a higher voltage with this nifty tazer I bought just in case on our honeymoon... . Enough is enough,man.
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