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    Originally posted by Archaic View Post
    PS: What kind of a guy would actually want to calculate 50 years of horse sh*t???
    The idea probably crossed Hercules' mind on more than one occasion as he cleaned the Augean Stables...


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      Good guess. You're right.

      With all this time on your hands , have you had a chance to read the story I placed on the site last night about the City of The Simple ?

      Check it out. Currerbell started a thread on Eddowes' cut ear...and somehow it led me to this trivia question.

      What did D'Onston's brother, William Stephenson...Salvador Dali...and Vincent Van Gogh all have in common ?


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        Well, I don't know much about Stephenson, but I know that both Vincent & Dali suffered lifelong trauma from the deaths of their slightly older brothers & that in each case their parents believed they were somehow the dead child's reincarnation.
        In Vincent's case, he was born 1 year to the day that his brother died.

        Both of them felt is was very profound & it influenced their art.

        I think I remember hearing that Stephenson suffered from the death of his brother, so I'm guessing that's either the William Stephenson you're referring to, or William was born following the death of another brother, but that's only a guess- with Vincent & Salvador Dali I'm sure.



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          You're cool,you're smart and you're cute....even though you ain't from Philly. I'm all four things. You're one criteria short. Thats not bad...

          The answer is........all three....William Stephenson, Salvy and Vince...had brothers with the same first name as they did,but who died.


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            More trivia for you and the gang..since everyone apparently is hanging around waiting for the A to Z to appear and the 2009 Convention. Its as active around here on the boards as a "People Who Didn't Like Raiders Of The Lost Ark" Convention....or "Girls Who Have Said "No" To How Brown" get together...

  's the question....for one and all:

            By many accounts...found in the seminal books by Mr. Evans...Mr. Begg...and some of the other Old Guard Ripperologists...there may well have been 2,000+ letters written to the Police during 1888 claiming to be from Jack The Ripper or the Whitechapel Murderer....

            Name one who got caught doing that.


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              Originally posted by How Brown View Post
              You're cool,you're smart and you're cute....
              Thanks, but what about smart-alecky?



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                I was so busy making a smart alecky answer I didn't read the new question!

                A girl in Bradford with the charming name of Maria Coroner got caught... she was also a fan of executioner James Berry; Stewart wrote his biography.


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                  Thanks, but what about smart-alecky?--Archy...

        're not a smart aleck. You're a piece of cake compared to some people I've had to, deal with.

                  Good answer...this must be a record for you getting two in a row.

                  Oh wait ! You almost got the previous one right. My mistake.

                  More to come. Hang around. We ought to have a Trivia Show on the You Tube Forums...if enough people wanted to get one together.


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                    Without peeking....

                    Name 7 different items ( no need to provide the number of the items individually ) found on Mrs. Eddowes' person on the night she was murdered.


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                      Originally posted by How Brown View Post
                      More to come. Hang around. We ought to have a Trivia Show on the You Tube Forums...if enough people wanted to get one together.

                      The JTRF Trivia Gong Show


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                        The You Tube show...if its good with Jon & Mike...could be used in that way if it could be arranged. There might be some interest in having a Trivia Program ( Its probably a little too early to provide an audio and visual show at this time...).

               don't have Skype why even lazy woman.


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                          torn apron
                          tin matchbox empty
                          red cigarette case
                          pawn ticket
                          a dozen pieces of cloth (sanitary cloths)


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                            Very good...very good.

                            Now get your lazy toches in gear and get Skype.

                            Here's another one...

                            One which victim was a handbill with the name "Frank Cater" found ?


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                              hmmm...that one doesn't ring a bell at all.


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                                While you masticate on that last question...

                                On February 4th, 1891, Aaron Kosminski was readmitted to the Mile End Old Town Workhouse by his brother.

                                How long did he stay there OR..when was he sent to Colney Hatch?

                                1. 6 months later on August 11th ( Nina's birthday...), 1891.

                                2. Three days later...

                                3. Coincidentally, nine days later on February 13th...the day Francis Coles was murdered.