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  • Trivia For Our Inner Dummy

    There isn't anyone here...on this site....who could or would be able to answer this correctly...not even me,but I cheated and now I know the answer.

    Who is the one and only person...connected with Ripper-related media ( television,books,documentaries,you name it...films,magazines...) that lived in the

    and the 2000's. !

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    Not all of youse are dim maybe someone can figure this trivia question out.

    Who said...and I quote:
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      Havent a damn clue....will you give us one?


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        Keeping you in suspense is more better than giving out any clue,toots.


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          Fair enough, when will you reveal the answer? Im certainly interested!


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            Maybe...maybe not. Depends on what you've got to barter with baby.... Lets talk deal.


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              How about...

              Deal with??? Hmmm, how about a 5* room for a week at mine for you and Nina over in sunny England?! All inclusive, as much red meat as you can handle...

              Failing that, PM me the answer then I can look really clever and reply on here, or your butt gets repeatedly kicked for the next 2 months on the caption me and my gang of hussies...



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                I've gone the way of the nambypamby vegetarians of this world to make whatshername teasin' me with offers of red meat only irritates me. I'd sell my three grandsons for half a mushroom cheesesteak right now...and have actually taken an alternate route home from work in order not to see the two steakshops on the way home.

                I know you and Archaic are hussies...but you cannot kick my ass in anything except being aggravating.

                If no one is able to answer this question by tonight, I'll put the answer up tomorrow morning.

                It makes me sad to be associated with so many dubm peopel.


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                  Queen mother nearly made it, born in 1900, but I don't think any connection with the case.

                  either that or Terry Wogan


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                    QUOTE: "Who said Toronto makes Sunday in a Scotch Village look like a hasheesh dream?"

                    Ummmm.... Dustin??


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                      No ma' was Aleister Crowley.

                      The other answer was Francis ( born Frantisek) Lederer , the Bohemian Jew actor who starred in Pandora's Box....with Louise Brooks.

                      Lederer was born in 1899. He died in 2000 at the age of 100.


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                        I actually thought of Crowley, but Dustin seemed a better answer... isn't he from Toronto?

                        As for your other question, Jean Overton Fuller came pretty close; she was born in 1915 & only died recently.


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                 thought of Crowley. Sure. Of course...I believe that. Sure.

                          Yes, Dustin is from Toronto...which has its share of Ripperologists..which means its a great city.


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                            I DID think of Crowley first. But I happen to think he's an overrated twat and I didn't want to risk adding to his pseudo-aura.

                            Love that photo of Crowley where he looks like an extra-puffy Alfred Hitchcock in baggy striped pajamas & robe made probably from an old circus tent...

                            that's soooooo WICKED.....


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                              Twat did you say?

                              Heh said "twat".