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The Bristol Job 2012

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  • The Bristol Job 2012

    Announcing the coming of the Bristol Job 2012
    Saturday 4th August at 12 Noon in Bristol, UK.
    There are great transport links to this historic city and the venue is a 5 minute walk away from Temple Meads Railway Station and minutes away from lots of hotels. Hopefully we will be able to make a weekend of it, with a meet up on Friday and a harbour cruise on Sunday morning for those staying over.
    We will be adding links to these soon, so watch this space.

    Our confirmed speakers include
    With Vidcast!

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    Any information may be subject to change!

    Please PM your email address to register an interest and to be put on our mailing list.
    Ali x


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      It's never too early to register.....


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        If the Welsh lowered their standards and permitted me to visit, I know I'd damned sure be registering....I don't know why anyone would not register for the event.

        Here's hoping this one surpasses Cardiff's great success !
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          You just nullified any objection How Bristol is firmly in England, and we would welcome you as a long lost son!
          Seriously, I would love you to come


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            I know loads to people in Bristol, cause my freind Cat runs the Bad Dream Fancy Dress website from there...

            So while I will be in Bristol, expect lots of the undesiables...

            Bristol is a Strange town

            Jeff x


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              Jeff, PM me your email address and I will add you to the mailing list..... Great news!


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                The Bristol Job Graphic By Andrew Firth

                Andrew has just designed an amazing graphic for the event! Thanks have to go to him for such stirling work!
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                  Wow - looks like one I'll actually be able to attend!


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                    We will look forward to meeting you!


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                      This Firth fellow...hesagottalotta talent.

                      That's a very nice logo...

             think I'm bad with geography ( Bristol in Wales), you ought to see my algebra.

                      Bristol,Pa. is a strange town, wouldn't wanna live there.
                      Bristol,UK is undoubtedly nicer.
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                        Filming of Brad Pitt's latest film saw a part if Glasgow turned into a Philadelphia town a couple of days ago


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                          My part of Bristol......

                          Thanks to Roger for finding this jewel... This is my part of town (aka Peckham Rye )


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                            I know I said I'd be there Ali but unfortunately like millions of others I am unavailable that weekend as it is slap bang in the middle of my holidays.....crying shame for me as I was very much looking forward to it. Typical.


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                              Originally posted by Nemo View Post
                              Filming of Brad Pitt's latest film saw a part if Glasgow turned into a Philadelphia town a couple of days ago
                              "Educating Rita" set in Liverpool with Michael Caine and Julie Walters was filmed in Dublin, a slap in the eye to Liverpool.
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