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More Ripper studies slagging dressed up as concern...

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  • More Ripper studies slagging dressed up as concern...
    "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"

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    Old but typically pisspoor lefty item from the Guardian. It would have been nice if the author of the piece had acquainted herself with the basic facts of the case. And I wonder how Alia came to use the word (or non-word) "fetishised."


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      Hi Robert,

      Typical, biased, left wing rot from the self appointed custodians of moral rectitude.

      Last year, The Guardian reported a drop in sales due, apparently, to a concern amongst certain sections of its readership that the paper was becoming too biased in many areas of its reportage. In fact, if I correctly recall, the dissent was a complete volte face against the paper's traditional, long established, gripes.

      Best wishes,



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        Again, since when was "moral rectitude" an exclusive concern of "the left"? There are plenty of busybodies at both ends of the spectrum and historically a goodly number of them have been of a conservative persuasion. Enough stereotyping, already!
        Kind regards, Sam Flynn

        "Suche Nullen"
        (F. Nietzsche)