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    I'm interested in your position on how the field would progress with the increased use of technology

    ( "In particular I feel that, given the technology available, and this has been mentioned now over about 10 years, a fairly realistic simulation model of the relevant areas could be made to include accurate physics as to surface reflection, light sources etc, f.o.v. etc.)- Lars

    Likewise, I am also interested in what could be gleaned from the application of technologies as it may apply to one or more specific individuals or scenarios within the Case. By all means,please elaborate at some point in time on this concept of yours.

    In Ripperology,there is the tendency of many involved to emulate a dog or cat when one of these housepets is ready to nestle down on the floor.

    A dog, as you know,will circle the area it intends to lie down in a few times and then finally settle in the area only after it feels sufficiently secure to do so. This principle is manifested in our field in how most of us have 'circled the perimeter' of an aspect...and decided that it suits them.

    To me, it has to be this way in order to move on at some point to the next step or phase of thinking. If all of our collected thoughts accompanied by the massive amount of facts we now have at our disposal are not structured to any degree, we are invariably like that other housepet,the hamster, who runs on his treadmill to nowhere.

    Ripperology is a goal oriented field where all indeed do seek a solution to the WM and yet at the same time a building with many doors from which to enter it to accomplish that aim.

    Back to you Lars....and please offer, as I requested, your views on what could be gleaned from the application of technology to explain any scenario in the Case.
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      Hi Howard / Lars

      If I may chip in...

      I am au fait with the technology required to produce a 3D Whitechapel and have been asked a few questions regarding this aspect

      In asking what use this might have in the future, I myself would probably say "not a lot" - but I thought I would mention a few things which I consider to be some the benefits of such a construction

      Superficially, it would entertain and attract more people / create further interest to the case. If the building facades were photographic reproductions then you could expect to see what the Ripper saw in 1888

      You could imagine people like Mr Clack and Mr Hutchinson being involved in accurately reproducing Whitechapel 1888 so as to provide a construction that would be of major interest to anyone involved in the study of the LVP

      Distances and proximities of suspects abodes and the like could be accurately plotted and escape routes etc could be "walked"

      Sounds could be triggered in the case of Millers Court so that you could stand in Prater's room for example and trigger a scream in room 13 to test the acoustics

      You can create "set-pieces" with animated characters so that you could stand in a good position and watch everything that transpired on the night of a murder according to the documentation

      Along these same lines, you could stand in Mitre Square and witness the police patrols and so get an idea of timings available to the Ripper

      There are more aspects to this, but nothing in my opinion that would solve the case. Apart from some possibly useful tidbits such as verifying the acoustics in Miller's Court, there is little I can think of that would be of major relevance.

      It would. however. be a fantastic visual educational aid to (especially new) students of the case.

      I think if/when people realise how many slaughter houses, butchers, furriers, cat's meat shops etc there are in the East End then they will get a much better idea of how easily the Ripper could escape detection

      Same goes if warrens of entries/alleyways etc are accurately constructed

      So all in all, I could see it being very constructive educationally, but not providing anything conclusive in identifying the Ripper


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        HI ho How

        Its not that difficult (the concept, not the execution).

        Using the same sort of technology that any modern games company uses (in particular engines such as that known as X-ray), a 3d representation of the area in question is devised.

        As Nemo says, drawing on the knowledge of folks such as George H. and all th epeople who have doen so much research on streets, dimensions etc. etc.

        Once that exists its an academic exercise (for academics) to devise a system in which any particular characters field of vision is modelled. ie. what they would have seen as they moseyed along.

        Now I know people will say "but we dont know their heights, eyesight etc". Fair enough. But as in any scientific field where data is lacking, one simply draws on a probabilistic approach instead of deterministic and uses a distribution of heights for example or eyesights to work out most probable situations. and so on.

        As with any model...once the initial task of the environment has been can be modified as more information becomes availabel etc etc.

        Which of course is the task of a research group. The type of group which has never existed in Ripperology really.