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    Can't find material to augment a project or article that you're working on ?

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    Uh.......what was Mary Jane Kelly's real name and where did she really come from? (I don't think that is supposed to be what we are asking and I should plan to delete.)
    The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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      It appears Jack was interested in finances.....

      Weekly Freeman's Journal
      May 21, 1910
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        I’m still looking into the life of Bridget Enright aka ‘Biddy the Chiver’. I have a list of 35 topics I feel I need to research in order to get the full picture. One of them concerns the effects of the Irish Famine in Ballylongford, Co. Kerry, where the Enright family had its origins. I suspect that if there had been no famine, the family might not have moved to Wales where Biddy’s sense of persecution was most likely developed.

        There’s a book I would like to get my hands on, ’ Thà Sinn Ocrach: Ballylongford and the Great Famine’, by P. Ó Concubhair, which is proving elusive. I’ve looked online and left some messages with Irish booksellers, but so far to no avail. Jerry Dunlop pointed out that the National Library of Ireland has a copy, but it’s only available in their reading room in Dublin.

        Any suggestions as to how I can get hold of a copy - preferably a hard copy - would be much appreciated.


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          Gary maybe you can at least contact the author using this :


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            There was a man of that name who died about a year ago in roughly the right place. Hope it's not him.


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              Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
              Gary maybe you can at least contact the author using this :

              Thanks Rob.!

              You can purchase Padraig’s literary works on(?) at Tarbert Bridewell or on Amazon:

              Tarbert Bridewell is a visitor attraction based in an old jail/courthouse. I’ve sent them an email.