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The Complete A To Z :The 2010 Edition

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  • The Complete A To Z :The 2010 Edition

    Thread for discussing the recently released encyclopedia of Ripperology, the A to Z, by Messrs. Begg,Fido & Skinner. ( Blake Publishing)

    If anyone who has the book would like to offer their views of any particular aspect,suspect,topic,data, etc....please do so.

    Thank you.

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    The book is certainly appealing to the eye. I much prefer the illustrations and photos within the text

    I've only recently come across the detail in Sadler's story that he was possibly (probably?) on board a ship in the Mediterranean from mid August 1888 until Oct 1888

    It seems to me to be quite an important point that is omitted in the new A-Z

    It's stated in the A-Z that he had his (numerous) discharge papers upon his person so is there any confirmation anywhere, even in the press, that he was abroad at the relevant time? If so, why not mention it?


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      When is it's US release date?


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        November 15th...which by then, unless you order it from Amazon UK, will be almost a quarter year from now.


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          I'll probably ask for it for the holidays


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            This is the one book that upon its release ought to be available within a reasonable amount of time for all Ripperologists worldwide.


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              The following members of JTRForums are acknowledged in the credits to the Begg/Fido/Skinner updated edition:

              We'll start with the sweetness...Ladies first:
              Debra Arif
              Caroline Morris
              Jennifer Shelden

              Now on to the menfolk:

              Mike Covell
              John Bennett
              Phil Hutchinson
              Robert Clack
              Stewart Evans
              Timothy Riordan
              Adam Wood
              Eduardo Zinna
              Frogg Moody
              Adrian Morris
              Chris George
              Chris Scott
              Chris Jones
              Robert Smith
              Rob House
              Robert McLaughlin
              Don Souden
              Gareth ( Sam Flynn) Williams
              Jeff Leahy
              three former members...
              ...and finally, me and oh yeah, Robert Linford.

              Counting Mr. Begg and Mr. Fido, that makes 30 acknowledged individuals.

              I count at least three in the Robert D'Onston Stephenson section who contributed to that particular entry who didn't get mentioned but will now.

              Graham Wilson (GCW) who provided valuable information on the trip to The Cameroons that D'Onston alleged he made.
              Mark Franzoi,Canadian Ripperologist, who revealed that an 1836 book by Lord Lytton contained a story that was plagiarized by D'Onston in an 1896 issue of the magazine, Borderland.
              John Savage, who was the first to note in an article ( Ripperologist Magazine) the true content of the 1863-1868 Customs House records of Stephenson in Hull.
              Nina Brown, who was mentioned and whose efforts to locate Ann Stephenson found a close but no cigar Ann Stephenson.
              David Knott, who wasn't mentioned, but who located the 1911 UK census entry for Ann Stephenson and put the issue of her demise to rest in 2009.

              With a cadre of researchers and authors such as these, its no wonder the Forums is as successful as it has been for the (less than) five years of its existence.


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                How, to be serious for once : congratulations on getting a name check, and on this site proving itself one of the two major internet resources for JTR studies. And may I say (reverting now to normal mode) that's quite an achievement for a site so young and a proprietor so old.


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                  Look at that list, can you imagine having that gang in a room round a table discussing the case.

                  Do Howard's captions make into the new edition?


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                    ...even better,having that cadre trying to select my best caption from any given month. Truly daunting.


                    Thanks for the kind words.
                    Have're fixin' to get one this coming Sunday night anyway.


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                      Forgive me if this has already been brought up, but has this already been released in the UK?


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                        It certainly has. I have already started a thread for discussing the work on D'Onston's entry.


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                          I'm surprised that Chris Phillips didn't get an acknowledgment. Dr. Phillips has made some remarkable discoveries and contributions over the years.


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                            Got mine yesterday. This was always quite the best ever JTR book (closely followed by the Sourcebook) and this post-internet version really is the dog's bollocks. Grab a copy now because it probably won't be available in hardback again.


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                              Yea been going through it tonight.
                              I didn't have the previous edition but this one firmly puts the Prince Eddy thing to rest by giving dates that he was elsewhere. One tick there.