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The A To Z 2010 : New Entries Thread

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  • The A To Z 2010 : New Entries Thread

    Thread for providing entries in this essential work which did not appear in the previous editions.

    If possible, please just note the entry(ies) followed by the page number on this thread in each post you provide.

    Should anyone care to discuss the new entry(ies), by all means please do so but do it on the 2nd A to Z discussion thread.

    Thanks very much.
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    "Old Funk Letter" pg 381


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      Thanks Nemo.

      While you have started off with a new addition at random, I'll accompany you with an a to z list beginning with the letter "A".

      Not complete by any means, just the start :

      Joseph Aarons- page 1
      Abberline's walking stick-page 10
      Isaac Abrahams-page 12
      Woolf Abrahams-page 12
      "Alaska" ( Malay suspect)-page 13
      Alias JTR : Beyond The Usual Suspects (R.Michael Gordon's book)page 18
      Herta Mary Anderson-(victim proposed by R.Michael Gordon)page 19
      American Murders of JTR- R.Michael Gordon's book, page 19
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        Balance of the new additions under "A" :

        Oswald Allen ( journalist) page 19
        Annie Chapman, A Short Biography by Neal Shelden Page 32
        John Arnold ( unsubstantiated witness ) page 32
        Dick Austin ( suspect)
        Mary Ann Austin ( murder victim)
        Alfred Aylmer ( pseudonym for Major Arthur Griffiths) page 36
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          'Old Funk Letter'

          Originally posted by Nemo View Post
          "Old Funk Letter" pg 381
          The 'Old Funk Letter', MEPO 3/142 ff. 212-215 (Metropolitan Police) -

          (Photographs by S P Evans)


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            Wow thanks SPE

            I've been waiting to see that for ages

            I was thinking of trying to order a copy so your post is very much appreciated


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              Thanks very much for sharing that SPE. Very nice of you to do so.

              You were the one who transcribed that originally, weren't you ?

              I didn't think that the handwriting was as orderly as it appears on those pages.
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                I'll be going through the "B" section tonight.

                Read more of it last night...its very hard to put down once you start.
                At the end of many entries, the authors offered links to related material on the entry...and before I forget, depictions of the entries from contemporary sketches, some you probably will never see elsewhere.
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                  Letters From Hell

                  Originally posted by How Brown View Post
                  Thanks very much for sharing that SPE. Very nice of you to do so.
                  You were the one who transcribed that originally, weren't you ?
                  I didn't think that the handwriting was as orderly as it appears on those pages.
                  Yes, I believe I was, that was way back when I was writing Letters From Hell.


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                    Those scans confirm that the sequence of pages as transcribed in Letters from Hell is correct and Terry Lynch in the "Whitechapel Murders" has them in the wrong order

                    On the third page you can see the number 213 from the other side of the page which is the last page of 4

                    I'll try to transcribe them to see if anything becomes clearer on a few of the more illegible words


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                      The entry for Albert Bachert was a one pager in the last edition. This time around its 4 1/2 pages long. Thats a heck of an expansion on just one person. I can't wait to see what the "C" section entry for my captions looks like,considering their importance to the WM Case.

                      Emily Barker ( believed to have been the Pinchin Street torso at one point )- page 42
                      John Barlas-modern suspect- page 42
                      Josiah Barnes-p.c. page 43
                      Rev. Samuel Barnett-page 45
                      The Batty Street Lodger-page 47
                      Thomas Bayne-modern suspect page 50
                      Jane Beadmore-murder victim page 51
                      Duke of Bedford- alleged suspect page 51
                      The Bell Tower- work by Robert Graysmith-page 51
                      The Bench & The Dock ( book from 1925 by Chas. Kingston) page 52
                      James Berry- Hangman page 53
                      Willie Bettles-p.c. page 55
                      Rose Bierman ( witness in Ada Wilson case)page 55
                      Helena Petrovna Blavatsky- theosophist page 56
                      William Bogan ( p.c. in Sadler case- page 64
                      F.W.Boswell- in charge of Sadler investigation -page 64
                      Walter Boultbee- connection to Druitt family-page 64
                      J.W.Bousfield-informant page 64
                      Homosexual Hairdresser of Bremen ( "Mary" ) page 66
                      Arthur Brice- alleged victim of indecent assult by Tumblety page 66
                      Nathan Brill- hairdresser-page 66
                      Broadmoor Patient-page 67
                      William Brodie-confessor to crimes page 68
                      Amelia Brown-decoy page 68
                      Carrie Brown- murder victim- page 69
                      Gen.Sam Brown-suspected & cleared page 75
                      Bucks Row Suspect- page 76
                      Edwin Burrows-suspected and cleared page 77
                      Harriett Buswell- page 79
                      By Ear & Eyes - book by Kayro Magellan page 80
                      Inspector Thomas Byrnes- page 81
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                        At some point today, I will provide the entries which begin with C.
                        Stay tuned up, er, tuned.
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                          Quick in and out :

                          New A to Z information regarding a Cutbush entry spotted by Debra Arif

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                            Taking into consideration that I'm fixin' to be a one armed man for a bit ( Operation on the 14th on my left arm, elbow to be precise ) I had better get to gettin' with the remainder of the new entries.

                            Under "C" :

                            Mary Callaghan ( witness to Farmer incident in Nov. '88) page 83
                            "Calor"- possible nickname of Emil Totterman's page 83
                            Duncan Campbell ( involved in Sadler affair) page 83
                            Canonical Five page 84
                            Lewis Carroll page 84
                            "Catch me When You Can" book by Leeann Perry page 84
                            "Catherine Eddowes...." book by Neal Shelden page 84
                            Charlie The Ripper - psychically proposed suspect page 91
                            Frederick Charrington- brewery heir & philanthropist page 91
                            Nelis Cherinton page 91
                            Geo.Churchill (Marq. of Blandford) page 92
                            Supt. Colin Chisholm page 91
                            "City of Dreadful Delight" -Walkowitz book page 92
                            City Police Suspect page 93
                            Dr. Percy Clark page 94
                            "Clarence" book by Michael Harrison page 94
                            Willy Clarkson- wigmaker page 96
                            John Cleary page 96
                            Cleveland Street Scandal page 96
                            Clippings Book page 96
                            Morris Cohen page 100
                            John Churton Collins page 101
                            Colonial Farmer ( suspect) page 103
                            Claude Reignier Conder page 104
                            Conferences ( Ripper) page 104
                            James Connell page 105
                            Cooney's Lodging House page 106
                            Phillip Gad Cornish page 107
                            P.C. Costello page 108
                            Mother or Mrs. Cottrell page 108
                            John Courtenay page 108
                            Douglas Cow page 108
                            Inspector Harry Cox page 109
                            Ernest Crawford page 110
                            Vittoria Cremers page 111
                            Crimes of JTR- book by Paul Roland page 112
                            William Crossingham page 114
                            John Crowley page 115
                            Stuart Cumberland page 116
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                              That makes 84 new entries from A to C alone.
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