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The Anticipated 2010 Edition of The "A To Z"

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    Just in and my copy got delivered, looks good. No chance to read anything yet though. Pity it's not out in the states yet. Nice dedication to Jeremy Beadle.


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      Good to see mention of the "Old Funk" letter (see thread "Ripper Confession")

      Unlike the A-Z theorising, I don't think this letter was written by the person who wrote the "Hammersmith Rd" letter to Forbes Winslow

      The "Old Funk" letter confirms that the Oct 88/89 letter was certainly received by Forbes Winslow in Oct 89, not 1888 - which foils his persistent claim to have received a letter predicting Kelly's murder on Nov 9th 1888


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        Ah well,I decided to break out the shekels and purchase it from the Amazon UK site.
        I'll be minus an arm and leg, but what the hell.
        A million thanks to the very generous person who offered to send their copy to me in order that we crank up some threads on the new A to Z. I was humbled by the gesture.

        I'll set up a thread on the new A to Z now.
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          Originally posted by How Brown View Post
          If Amazon in the US is correct, that the book will not be available for almost one quarter of a year for us over here, I'd like to hear what any American Ripperologists have to say about this situation.
          I presume they want the Brits to correct all the errors before it hits the more demanding American audience.


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            Originally posted by Nemo View Post
            Pretty much every section I've read so far has a proof-reading error though...
            Well they could have asked me, I guess, but you'd have waited another year for it...


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