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Millers Court Residents, 1888

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    Originally posted by Phillip Walton View Post
    Is there any way of linking BMD records with a specific address? People are being born and die all the time so if any birth and death records for Millers Court for say 1887-1889 could be found it might provide more information.
    The London Hospital Archives might turn up one or two. My daughter and I once spent a day looking for various names. Has anyone been through them looking specifically for addresses rather than names?
    Best Wishes, Colin. :cool:

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      By a remarkable coincidence, Colin, I've been searching through the London Hospital Archives, and can reveal the following residents on the "ground floor" of Miller's Court, during the years 1888-89

      #1 Julia Venturney
      #2 George and Jane Keyler
      #3 Mrs Kennedy
      #4 Montague John Druitt
      #5 Mary Ann Cox
      #6 David Cohen
      #7 Seweryn Klosowski
      #8 Walter Sickert
      #9 John Pizer
      #10 Mary Pearcey
      #11 William Bury
      #12 Gerald the Orang-Utan
      #13 [Vacant]

      ... an embarrassment of riches!
      Kind regards, Sam Flynn

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      (F. Nietzsche)


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        I have always held strong opinions regarding Gerald, and the more I think the matter over, the stronger do these opinions become. The truth, however, will never be known, and did indeed, at one time lie at the top of a fruit tree, if my conjections be correct!


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          OK. If you stand on my shoulders, Gerald, you should be able to reach the lowest branch.


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            Virtual Reality tour of Millers Court

            Might be of interest.