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    Wow! IMO, the blue line is the verge of skin/flesh that has been peeled down from the thigh region. It appears to have a lumpy, fatty texture.

    That garter is on awfully tight if it is a garter and the skin is that much depressed. Though I suppose once the body lost blood, fluid and life, this might be the result. Old time garters were sometimes dangerous for well being. Some researchers theorise that Henry VIII's leg ulcers could have been caused by or aggravated by the extremely tight garters he wore to accentuate his calves.

    I repeat what I wrote earlier, it is hard to keep up stockings with garters, especially before elastic, spandex and such were invented. I could see Mary tying her garter tightly. (I personally love knee socks but they are usually miserable to keep up to the knee.)

    But we could consider if the killer put a tight ligature around Mary's leg for...whatever purpose..... I do actually think we might learn something new with these enhancements. I am surprised at myself that I have spent so much time over the years looking at the these pictures of Mary but I have always thought there must be something to see that everyone missed. I ignore what is really shown and look for something unusual.

    It is hilarious that the FM seems to have disappeared from the wall with these enhancements.
    The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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      Hello Richard,

      I'd recommend contacting Stewart Evans, re where to get the best quality photos.
      Thanks for your time,
      dusty miller