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Death Masks of the Famous

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  • Death Masks of the Famous

    Guess who this is:

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    Michael Jackson?


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      Can't be. He had a nose.


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        I forgot to add 'I was being sarcastic' after my line...


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          A Family Death-Mask

          Nice article, Gumshoe; thanks. The mask of the great poet Dante sure impressed me... it's about 700 years old! Lincoln's is wonderful too.
          Cromwell looks revolting, which is entirely appropriate as I am Irish.

          I had the peculiar experience once of seeing a death-mask of a relative of mine;
          it very much resembled the one below but was a pale yellowish-white color.
          I was in Henley-On-Thames, in the law offices that had been owned by my family (the business is still going, but through partners as my relatives have died out.) Anyway, I asked about the little plaster head in the back room, and it turned out to be my great-great-?-grandfather's brother and dated from the mid-1800's.
          I didn't see any family resemblance, but it was pretty cool.


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            Guess who this is:
            ... you'll have to speak up!!

            Interesting site. I note that Thomas Paine's nose looks a bit squashed - was he actually dead when they took the impression, or was he pushing against the mould? His nose also points to the Right, which is kind of appropriate when you think about it.

            Napoleon - gold covered death-mask, eh? What a pompous prat. No wonder Beethoven looks so pissed off.

            Ned Kelly - not so tough without that bucket over your head, are you?

            Wagner - every hour, a hinge in that glass cabinet flips open and his face pops out on a spring... to the tune of Ride of the Valkyries.

            Hitchcock - what an expression! Did he, perchance, die whilst straining too hard at stool?

            Abraham Lincoln - c'mon! That's Gregory Peck, really, isn't it?

            Erwin Rommel - just looking at him, lying there dead, gave me the f_______ horn. (Copyright: Derek & Clive)


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              Guess who this is:

              Christopher T. George, Lyricist & Co-Author, "Jack the Musical"
     Hear sample song at

              Organizer, RipperCon #JacktheRipper-#True Crime Conferences, April 2016 and 2018.
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                It was Beethoven wasnt it? Or another composer?


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                  Lincoln looks real good that way. Real good.

                  Nice mugs on Wagner and Bonaparte.
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                    Originally posted by Currerbell View Post
                    It was Beethoven wasnt it? Or another composer?
                    ...decomposer, surely?

                    (PS: Yup. It was Beethoven.)


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                      I fixed the link. The old one died from natural causes. Now there are two links, slightly different. I think the second closely approximates the old link.


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                        Sorry, Rommel is missing from these new links. Here he is, all by his lonesome:

                        And, as a bonus, here (allegedly) is Shakespeare and Burke (undoubtedly), of Burke and Hare:

                        And finally, a whole new collection of death masks for you:


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                          Josef Stalin


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