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Proof of time time trave! Sort of.

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  • Proof of time time trave! Sort of.

    I honestly don't know what to do, anymore. For years and years, I've warned about the dangers of reckless time travel. And does anyone listen? No, not at all. Irresponsible time traveling tourists areā€¦

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    Cute, but any civilisation advanced enough to have conquered time-travel probably wouldn't need things like hand-held phones.
    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen"
    (F. Nietzsche)


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      I think what has happened is that Howard Brown Clone # 474278/23alpha, and String Android # 76358/1098, from the year 3061, stole a time machine and travelled back to 2017 in order to steal some phones, which they planned to sell as valuable antiques on their return. But first, they travelled back to 1937 and used their phones to keep in touch with each other. They made their way to Berlin and forged Hitler's diary, putting in things like "Tell Eva to bring in some cream cakes" and "I hope they go easy on the banjos in Gotterdammerung." Then they went back to 1888 to forge Maybrick's diary. String's pages were barely OK, but How's had to be ripped out owing to a multitude of glaring anachronisms, e.g. "The new Gilbert & Sullivan is a sheer delight, with 'Alone Again, Naturally' the standout song" and "Alf Tennyson isn't a patch on Bob Dylan."


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        He's probably ordering some spaghetti from the lady in Eyre Street Hill.


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          Originally posted by Gary Barnett View Post
          He's probably ordering some spaghetti from the lady in Eyre Street Hill.
          I knew I was right


          " When you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how probably a little bit boring "