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  • Fortean Times!

    If the name 'Charles Fort' means nothing to you, then you have missed things! Fish and frog falls, mysterious disappearances, and other strange phenomena and events, all well-documented! Jump right in and be amazed!

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    I've been reading Fortean Times for many, many years. I have yet to see an issue that didn't have over half the articles be fascinating reading. I'm glad to say that the website is just as good as the print zine itself. Go and enjoy!

    "Behold! I have become the Blue Screen of Death, Destroyer of Hard Drives! Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!"


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      Admittedly, as with Vila, i too have read Fortean Times for many years.



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        There was actually an article on Ripper Suspects which was a good read, there have been articles on Crowley, Victorian Seances, Victorian Funerals and loads more stuff.

        I love the headline section were headlines from newspapers around the world are printed, showing just how misleading the news can be!!

        The Bunker with Robin Ramsey is a fun, fact filled journey through the conspiracy world, this guy actually cites his sources and doesn't run off on silly rants!!

        The New UFO section with Jenny Randles is great, pouring over current accounts and historical ones too!! This was created after UFO Magazine stopped publishing!

        There is a ghost section, cryptozoology section, strange archeology section, strange deaths section and always loads of great articles, readers letters and wonderful full colour photos!!

        I began collecting years ago when I was a nipper, never missing an issue, I then picked up the back issues at a carboot sale and have everyone from issue 1!!!

        Great read, well recommended!!


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          Latest issue just arrived and it is packed full of great articles!

          There's all the usual reports plus a fantastic article on Alchemy!

          Loads of stuff on Sasquatch, ghosts, ufo's, and some strange sightings of....a gnome!!


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            Latest issue is not here yet, but it contains an intresting article on Victoria Woodhull!!

            I shall read and let y'all know!


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              A great magazine, shame about the publisher. I've subscribed for years. You can get back issues on CD ROM now. They are a bit pricey, and I'm not altogether keen on reading large chunks of text on a computer screen, but that's just me being a technophobe!

              Good site as well, with a fun message board. Oh the hours I've spent posting rubbish on there, keyboard in one hand, bottle of wine in the other!


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                It was intresting to see Stewart P Evans contribution in the latest issue, which looked at the paranormal happenings at the old Whicher house.
                The section is featured in the "Ghostwatch" section of the magazine.


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                  Alfred Hitchcock and JTR

                  The latest issue of Fortean Times features an article by Stephen Volk on Alfred Hitchcock and Jack the Ripper. The article explores how Hitchcock's films were inspired by "JTR" and also looks at "The Lodger".

                  The magazine is available at all good retailers, for £4.25,
                  The issue number is FT241 October 2008

                  The Fortean Times homepage is here,

                  After a while, select articles appear on the website from the magazine.


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                    The latest issue is here,

                    The Two Headed Victorian Boy,
                    Project Kugelblitz- The US army project to use lightening as a secret weapon
                    Satanists eating goths
                    And the Monster Spiders of Issoir!
                    An Expose of the British X-Files
                    and much much more


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                      An interesting article in this month's Fortean Times covering The Darwin Anniversary. The article, written by Anna Smith-Spark, looks at Blavatsky, Darwinism, and Erik Von Daniken. It's a great read, really interesting and quite thought provoking.

                      Other features include a look at Russia's Almasty, a man beast, which could be the missing link!

                      An indepth look at the turbine/ufo incident, and all the usual monthly features!


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                        This months issue is full of death, dying, being buried alive, and coming back to life, it's quite morbid and dark, but interesting nonetheless.


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                          This months issue is here and features,

                          The weird and wonderful world of imaginary childhood friends,

                          A Half Man Half Snake,

                          A look back at 1977 when Nessie was all the rage,

                          The Ghostwatch section has some great ghost photo's, and looks at the alleged cowboy ghost that appeared in a pub in....Stoke on Trent!

                          The Flying Saucery section looks at the recent images seen on Google street view, said to show alien craft, which turned out to be RAF Tornado G4 planes flying in formation!

                          There is a great article on victorian table tipping, including a newspaper snippet from the Hull Packet!

                          A great article on Hoaxes

                          Another fantastic piece on the Antikythera mechanism, and who built it

                          Plus the usual collection of weird, wacky and wonderful.


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                            The next issue of Fortean Times will feature a section that many Ripperologists might be interested in. The issue, on sale October 15th 2009, features an article on Mapping Masonic London!! The image acompanying the advertisement is one of Christ Church, Spitalfields!!!


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                              All this occult stuff -- ghosts, UFOs, monsters-- drop it. Fortean phenomena does not belong mixed with the study of JtR.