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    Dear Scott,

    That is why it gets discussed in the off topic section, not the JTR section.

    "It is far more comfortable to point a finger and declare someone a devil, than to call upon your imagination to try to understand their world."


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      As I understands it, Mishter Nelson and any others who do not wish to see anything but JTR related posts may ask Mishter Admin to fix their accounts to make it so. Mishter Poster has already done this and is reportedly happier than Mishter Brown in a bordello on coupon night.


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        LOL Mishter Gumshoe... but isn't it easier just to NOT LOOK?


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          Isn't it nice that Mishter Gumshoe volunteers Mishter Admin for extra work!

          "It is far more comfortable to point a finger and declare someone a devil, than to call upon your imagination to try to understand their world."


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            I'm going to write something controversial here, that will upset some people. Right now, after careful reflection, I think all members of this board should (skim) read the fortean forum, so they can see the kind of thinking present in JTR studies, and reflect upon it, and then ask the obvious questions.
            Questions I'd like to ask:
            Do you believe any of this? If so, what aspects do you believe and why? What aspects do you disbelieve and why?
            Do you have any knowledge of the sciences, (Chemistry, Physics and Biology; I'll ignore specialist areas for now)?
            If you believe, what evidence exists for your beliefs?
            Have you ever heard the term, 'magical-thinking'?
            Have you ever heard the term, 'confirmation bias'?
            Have you ever heard the term, 'legend-tripping'?
            Do you apply the same level of critical thinking to JTR as you do to 'Forteana'?

            There's dozens more questions I could ask, but I think the above is enough to stimulate the grey-matter.


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              It goes with the territory, yer bigness.

              Like the man said, if any other disgruntled member wants 'All JTR, all the time', then send me a PM requesting such and I'll take care of it.

              To answer Scott's and Stephen's question about 'why' we have forteana and other such non-JTR material, I refer you to


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                Its sort of like this...for them what have issues with some of the subject material on the site....I'm like that in a way with Maybrick threads...but I'm just one person...and my opinion on matters holds no more weight than anyone elses....

                I suggest going to another thread...or...idea !...start up your own thread and assail those threads or the material on those threads to your heart's content. You can do it.

                Because quite a few people enjoy peripheral fact, its how many form alliances on Ripper related projects and in other ways.

                We'd appreciate it....and so would this unborn child of indeterminate origin of Tim Mosley's....

                Just go to another thread.


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                  I finally got round to reading the latest issue of Fortean Times, which features an article on the architecture of London, especially the East End.

                  The freemasons and Jack the Ripper are all metioned, and in interesting theory about Christchurch is mentioned!!


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                    This months issue (FT274) is rammed with Victoriana.

                    There is a special on the Illustrated Police News and how it covered weird stories during the 19th Century.

                    An article on Crippen.

                    An excellent article on Queen Victoria's stalker.

                    And some fella called Mike Covell from Hull is mentioned on page 26.


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                      Congrats Mike ! Another feather in your cap, old bean !


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                        Issue 281 has the following articles of interest,

                        Article on Ray, the German/Czech forest boy and comparisons to the Kasper Hauser case.

                        Two page article on the recent Irish SHC case.

                        Two page article on the Barnstaple SHC case from the 19th Century.

                        Five page article on a case from Malaysia involving a poltergeist that causes fires.

                        Feature on end of the world art.

                        Article on Illustrated Police News and ghosts.