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  • Skeg-Nessie

    Yesterday evening I was inundated with calls asking about the recent sighting at Skegness, a Lincolnshire Coastal Resort some distance from Hull. In the past few years I have been collecting newspaper reports on sightings of anomalous creatures spotted in the sea along the East Yorkshire Coast, from as far north as Scarborough, along via Bridlington, Hornsea, Withernsea, Easington, Flamborough, Spurn, up and down the Humber Estuary, and around Lincolnshire at Cleethorpes and Skegness.

    This latest sighting appeared primarily on video sharing site Youtube and has since made it into the local, national and international press, as well as featuring on several websites and blogs.

    The sightings I have recorded date back as early as 1900, with fishermen, tourists, trades and commerce workers, bus conductors, coast guards, and military personel reporting "a strange humped creature off the coast moving at speed."

    Despite this, the footage does not appear to show a humped creature moving at speed.

    Interestingly, during the sightings of the 1920's and 1930's, a large squid was washed up at Withernsea in the mid 1920's and removed to the British Museum. It was claimed that this squid was responsible for the death of a school teacher who had been swimming along the coast and had ran into "something" that "took the flesh from his bones" but again this does not appear to explain the sighting.

    What it does look like is a Basking Shark. During the monster scares of the 20's and 30's a series of events transpired at Scarborough, much further north than Skegness, where a group of Basking Sharks entered the harbour. This event happened on several occasions, much to the delight of local fishermen. Another sighting also took place even further up north, when fishermen and tourists watched a group of Basking Sharks travel along the coast by a jetty.

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    That's interesting wonder if it will appear again?

    Skegness always reminds me of The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole I still laugh my head off when Bert says he'd "give his right ball for a week in Skeggie"


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      Since Monday this week I have had two reports, from two locations along the same stretch of coast on two different days.

      The first report stated that something was on the water, flat and still.

      The second report came from a group of people who saw something "undulating in the water."


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        It will be interesting to see if there are more reports


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          I will keep an eye out, I have filters on social media for whenever people talk about big cats, sea serpents, lake monsters, ufo's and Jack the Ripper. :cool: