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    Originally posted by Chris G. View Post
    Weren't the Essenes the guys who were involved in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which themselves give a different versions of the Jesus story than that found in the Gospels?

    Yep, the suggestion is that Jesus (probably through John the Baptist) had access to the Essene teachings about a "Teacher of Righteousness" and used His ministry (and Himself) on them to bring them to a wider audience. This didn't sit well with the Essenes, who considered their teachings secret, and there are referrals to a "traitor" and an "apostate" in some later writings, which it has been suggested refer to John and Jesus. Theologians certainly concede that at least a few of the Apostles were Zealots, and possibly Essenes--the two "thieves" in the crucifixion story were probably Zealots too. While not all Essenes were Zealots and not all Zealots were Essenes, there appears to have been a marked overlap between the two groups.

    Personally I favour the "Batman Jesus" hypothesis.
    "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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      Originally posted by Magpie View Post
      Personally I favour the "Batman Jesus" hypothesis.
      Dada dada dadadada, dada dada dadadada, dada dada dadadada, Je-sus!

      Sorry, but my sense of the absurd allows me to joke about very serious things. And religion is most serious, therefore it demands the highest levels of levity I can manage without resorting to ridicule.

      And as for Mrs. Jesus, while most people who accept that idea prefer to name Mary Magdalene as the bride in question, I think it was either Amy or Beth. My money's on Beth, 'cause she was pretty hot even if she was shy. Amy was always sort of loud and her voice grated on the nerves, as I recall...
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