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    Hello all,

    I have decided to sell my collection of comedy and oddball 45 rpm single records. I will be selling around 250-260 of them.. and am preparing a list for sale.

    If anyone is interested in this fairly large collection including some rarities and valuable tracks, please send an email to me.

    Later this year, when the singles are sold, the LP's will be sold as well.

    I will be keeping all postal costs down to an absolute minimum, so please do not worry on that score.

    from was written in the stars

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    I'd be interested for sure. I love comedy records

    Got any Barren Knights?
    "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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      Originally posted by Magpie View Post
      I'd be interested for sure. I love comedy records

      Got any Barren Knights?
      Hello Mags,

      Thank you for the interest..

      Yup, about 12 different I think... maybe 14.. including the rare "Jo Anne"

      drop me an email

      (I have very few pms available in my inbox)

      from was written in the stars


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        Hello Mags,

        As I am not at home atm (am at the library), and had to scramble back to double check.. I have 21 Barron Knights singles...

        The bad news is that the "Jo-Anne" single has already been sold..(along with 9 Benny Hill singles, I might add!...sorry!)

        So I will list them and a few others here..

        Please be a little patient.. more posts to follow...

        from was written in the stars


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          Barron Knights

          Herewith list of Barron Knights singles on offer...

          Call up the Groups Columbia DB7317 1964
          Pop go the workers " DB7525 1965
          Merry Gentle Pops " DB7780 1965
          Under New Management " DB 8071 1966
          An Olympic Record " DB8485 1968
          Love and the world loves with you " DB 8612 1969 (rare)
          Youre all I need Penny Farthing PEN 786(red label) 1972
          The Ballad of Frank Spencer " PEN854 (white label)1974
          (The 1st of these two on Penny Farthing is relatively rare)
          Live in Trouble Epic SEPC 5752 1977
          Get down Shep Epic SEPC 6703 1978
          A taste of Aggro Epic SEPC 6829 1978
          Boozy Nights (Boogie Nights) Epic SEPC 7048 1978
          The Topical Song (Logical song) Epic SEPC 7791 1979
          (all of the above Epic singles are on the orange label)
          The sit song Epic SEPC 8994 1980
          We know who done it EPIC SEPC 8780 1980
          (originally released before The sit song, re-released later under same No.)
          Never mind the presents Epic SEPC 9070 1980
          (picture sleeve)
          Mr Rubik Epic EPC A1596 1981
          Blackboard Jumble Epic EPC A1795 1981
          (picture sleeve)
          Buffalo Bill's Last scratch Epic EPC A3208 1983
          Full Circle Epic A3892 1983
          (all of the above Epic singles are on the blue label)
          Churchill Rap Towerbell TOW54 1984
          (picture sleeve) (rare)
          Mr. Bronski meets Mr Evans (I feel love) Spartan SP123 1985
          (this has nothing to do with Stewart Evans, despite the title and the No.!!!)
          R R Rock me Father Christmas WEA YZ92 1986

          from was written in the stars


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            Herewith list of Goons/Sellers/Milligan singles on offer...

            some of these are both rare and sought after.


            A Russian love song Decca 45F.10945 1957 OTC (Original Triangle Centre)
            with Igor Blimey and his Romanoff Cafe Fred Players, featururing Zym Balist on his collective farm

            b/w (B side)

            Whistle your cares away
            featuring Whistler's mother-in-law and Asian Flu (Duelists)

            The Goons EP (Bluebottle Blues, The Ying Tong Song, I'm walking backwards for Christmas, Bloodnok's Rock 'n' Roll)

            Decca DEF6393 Original Centre, 1956/1957.

            This is in a picture sleeve and the records listed on the cover are upside down. There are 2 variants of this record sleeve, (one with the listing the correct way up)

            I'm walking backwards for Christmas/Ying Ting Song Decca F13414 1957
            Bloodnok's Rock 'n' Roll/I love you Decca F13609 1956
            (both re-releases ca 1974 and 1977))

            Rhymes/The Raspberry Song Decca F13769 1978

            Peter Sellers

            The Best of Sellers EP Parlophone GEP 8770 1958
            (Balham-Gateway to the South/Auntie Rotter/Party Politicak Speech)
            picture sleeve, OC.

            The Best of Sellers No. 2 EP Parlophone GEP 8784 1958
            (The trumpet Volunteer/We need the money) picture sleeve, OC

            Songs for Swingin' Sellers No.1 EP Parlophone GEP 8822 1959
            (You keep me swingin'/Lord Badminton's memoirs/Puttin' on the smile/ I haven't told her, she hasn't told me (But we know it just the same)/Peter Sellers sings George Gerswin)
            picture sleeve, OC

            Pter and Sophis No.2 EP Parlophone GEP 8845 1960
            (Bangers and Mash/I fell in love with an English Man/Oh! Lady be good/Africa Today) picture sleeve, OC

            Goodness Gracious Me! (with Sophia Loren) Parlophone Red label 45 R4702
            OC, 1960 b/w Grandpa's grave(Peter Sellers alone)
            Bangers and Mash (with Sophia Loren) Parlophone Red Label 45 R4724 OC 1960 b/w Zoo be zoo be Zoo (Sophis Loren alone)

            A Hard Day's Night/Help! Parlophone (black label) R5393 1965 OC

            The unreleased She Loves You (inspired by Dr. Strangelove) b/w
            The unreleased She Loves You (Inspired by Phil McCafferty-The Irish Dentist)

            Parlopone R6043 (black label)

            The label release is 1981, however these versions are from 1965, they featured on an obscure album but were never released as singles. OC.

            Thank heaven for little girls/Singin' in the rain United Artists UP36406 1978
            picture sleeve, OC
            (The singer is labelled as "Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau et La Musique de L'Academie de la Surete")

            They're parking camels where the taxis ought to be/Night and Day
            United Artists BP 335 1979 OC.
            * This is a Demo copy. very sought after.

            Spike Milligan

            The Sewers of the Strand /I'm walking out with a mountain Parlophone Red label, R4839 OC, 1961

            Tower Bridge/Silent Night Parlophone Black label R55431965

            The Erection/Lift Girls Lament Spark SRL 1108 1974
            *Promotion Copy. Exceedingly limited pressing.

            On the ning nang nong/The silly old baboon Polydor 2058 524 1974

            Goose Walk/Theme from Paul Gallico's "The Snow Goose" RCA Victor, OC, 1976

            Sticky/None today, thank you Spike Sticky 1 1982 Picture sleeve.


            Now I'm knackered typing that lot!
            from was written in the stars