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Time machine? Don't kill Hitler.

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  • Time machine? Don't kill Hitler.

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    Yes, if you kill Hitler then you run the risk that a more competent Nazi leader, who might have won WWII, succeeds him. Then now you're the cause of a current One World Nazi government.


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      I thought the Stalin argument was viable too. The two dictators sort of neutralised each other and we could have had a Soviet empire in Europe.


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        There was a good episode of Red Dwarf in which the crew travelled in time and upon arrival knocked Oswald out of the window so that he didn't assassinate Kennedy

        Shortly thereafter, JFK was impeached for his wayward sexual life and was remembered with ridicule, the Mafia took over, the missiles were installed in Cuba, and the USSR won the space race

        They hopped forward in time and brought JFK back to before the assassination and JFK shot himself from the grassy knoll to save his reputation saying something like "They'll never figure this one out"

        If we had a real time machine I would be worried about physical matter just appearing at a point in space and perhaps causing an atomic bomb like explosion or perhaps a "Big Bang"

        I can think of loads of things I'd change in history but can't really put my finger on an action that in a certain moment of time would cause general things like war or poverty to cease to exist, unless it was preventing Eve from biting the apple

        I can think of a few more historic people than Hitler who could have been killed to prevent a lot of deaths

        Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Stalin, Ghengis Khan and Tamerlane, etc

        Very few men in number who can be held accountable for 100s of millions of deaths between them

        You could go back as far as the Caesars or Pharaohs and further and still affect modern history in a major way

        I like the thought of being able (in the future) to at least witness historic events with some sort of time machine

        Somewhere in space there might be a beam of light containing pictorial information that if able to be captured and deciphered might play out historical events on Earth, at least on a planetary scale, just like we see the light from stars which are millions of light years away, us viewing a historic record in real time of events that happened many years ago

        We'd have to catch up with the lightbeam or hope it's bent back toward us somehow by the Universe


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          Hi Nemo

          If some alien civilization is receiving our TV signals and recording them, then one day billions of years in the future some earthling might at last be able to see the lost Dr Who episodes.


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            Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
            Hi Nemo

            If some alien civilization is receiving our TV signals and recording them, then one day billions of years in the future some earthling might at last be able to see the lost Dr Who episodes.
            and come over here and kill Simon Cowell.
            or better still:


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              Originally posted by Nemo View Post
              We'd have to catch up with the lightbeam or hope it's bent back toward us somehow by the Universe
              Light does get bent, it's known as gravitational lensing although I don't know if it could be bent all the way back.


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                We all will want to go back and catch Jack red handed rather than kill Hitler.


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                  I suppose if one must try to change the past, then (bearing in mind the point Stan made) the best two people to kill might be Bismarck and Lenin.


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                    Good topic, String...thanks !
                    I'd like to go back in time...and not drop that Italian hoagie I bought from Lenny's 7 years ago on Ridge Avenue.
                    I'd travel through time and space...dodging and weaving thru this decade of BieberCyrusian mindfukc...and be more careful opening the car door this time.
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                      And now, we bring you the famous time-travelling hero, Dr How!



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                        Stephen Fry's "Making History" is a time travel(ish) novel in which the hero manages to sterilize Hitler's father, prevent Adolf from being born. However things end up even worse because, as suggested, a more "stable" facist leader takes his place.

                        Very good book--and I don't like time travel fiction.
                        "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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                          Such a scenario is possible. However the stable argument does tend to imagine the stable leader as acting after 1939. The thing about Hitler is, his fanaticism and self-belief were vital in convincing others, and himself, that he could succeed. Would a stable, rational kind of fascist leader have been able to do this?

                          It's customary to say that the only reason Hitler succeeded was the Wall St crash. But he had been nursing his party for a decade when that happened, making sure it was the prime party in the splintered world of the extreme right-wing. And during the negotiations with the old order in 1932, it was vital that he kept some kind of check on the para-military hotheads within his party. He was able to do that because of the years of work he'd put in, and the charisma of his personality. So I'm not totally convinced that a calculating, stable fascist leader would have got as far as 1933 in the first place.


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                            It could turn out that another Mussolini could have turned up. Mussolini was in power for ten years before Hitler came to power and is a good example of a stable right wing dictatorship. The question is would such a leader have behaved in the same way as Hitler? Would he have invaded Poland and precipitated another war as Hitler did? One must remember that Germany regarded Russia (whether Tsarist or Soviet) as its main enemy not France or Britain. That beggars the question would there have been a none aggression pact between the two countries?


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                              If time travel was possible surely someone would have gone back in time and killed Hitler? On the other hand someone could have gone back and killed someone else who was replaced by Hitler.