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Michael Jackson-A Paranormal Perspective.

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  • Michael Jackson-A Paranormal Perspective.

    There are instances that happen in life that affect us, and remain ingrained on our memory. For many of the older generation it will be events such as the Moon Landings, JFK Assassination or the World Cup winning side of 1966. I recall the events of the death of Princess Diana, as we were on holiday at the time, and the atmosphere seemed to change almost instantly.
    More recently the death of Michael Jackson seems to have grasped the publics consciousness, with websites, news stories, magazines, and TV shows cropping up all over the place, not to mention the news of a possible movie about his life. [1]

    Since the death of Michael Jackson, we have been inundated with information from conspiracy theories, to alleged post mortem appearances, to the theory that he isn’t dead at all, here are a select few.

    The alleged footage of Michael Jackson’s Ghost
    Possibly the largest and most popular event was the appearance of Jackson’s alleged ghost a the Neverland Ranch. The vide appeared as part of a broadcast on The Larry King Show, broadcast on CNN. [2] The video’s son appeared on the internet and all over the press, with newspapers quick to state that this was Jackson’s ghost! [3] Of course, none of this could be backed up with any hard evidence, and it wasn’t long before other video’s were presented, showing the viewer that the image was not a ghost, but in all probability a shadow. [4]
    And it wasn’t long before Larry King himself posted a video with an explanation to show that it wasn’t Michael Jackson, but in fact a shadow of CNN Correspondent Ted Rollings. [5]

    Another Michael Jackson Ghost?
    Just as the incident seemed to settling down, another report appeared from Chris Herget, a freelance journalist, who was making a video at Dr Neil Ratner’s home. Ratner accompanied Jackson on tour, and can be seen in front of his property when an alleged hat wearing ghost appears in a window behind, and waves his hand! Of course, the actual footage has not yet been released, and all we are left with are stills, showing what appears to be nothing more than a reflection on a window!! [6]

    Making Contact with Jackson?
    Next up came the claims of clairvoyant and spiritual medium Dr. Christian von Lahr who claims to have connected with Michael Jackson during a radio interview, however, not a shred of this can be substantiated with hard evidence. [7]

    Weirder Still…
    Was this footage, shown to viewers as an apparition of Jackson, when clearly all can see it is nothing more than a still presented on a flat screen! [8]

    Is Michael Jackson still alive?
    Of course, the aforementioned sightings and experiences would mean nothing if Jackson was still alive, which is what a core group of believers think, and have even presented footage to show it to be true. [9]

    So if he is still alive, why?
    Some believe that Jackson staged his death to get out of financial difficulty, with estimated debts of over £200 million! After his death album, single and merchandising sales would increase dramatically, and ease the financial burden on the man, with some sources even reporting that he is living in a bunker with Elvis! [10]

    Other theories follow such as he is on the run as a nun, [11] he is living with Eskimos, [12] his death was faked to escape his O2 tour commitments, [13] he has a new identity, [14] it was a ploy to sell more records, [15] and he was actually killed by a biological weapon! [16]

    Websites also cropped up stating that the death was nothing more than a hoax or publicity stunt, [17] with some claiming that Jackson was already dead, and had hired a double to carry out his O2 concerts, citing evidence such as the double was too tall, and walked with a gait! [18]

    Other sources claim that Jackson was actually murdered, and not by his close aides, but by the Iranian Secret Police! The story goes that President Ahmadinejad, had Jackson killed to move the worlds press away from the post election clampdown, it certainly worked! [19] Other sources suggest that the murderer was someone close to Jackson, possibly his doctor. [20] Another source claims that the assassination was carried out on the orders of President Obama! [21] As Jackson had allegedly refused to play at the inauguration!

    Other sources suggest that Jackson was murdered to allow a bill to be passed in US Congress. The bill was a controversial law to restrict greenhouse emissions. As Jackson’s death hit the media, the bill was passed! [22]

    There was also news that the good old CIA had committed the act, using an electromagnetic pulse weapon! [23]

    And just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, came the news that during Jackson’s memorial celebration, strange lights where seen hovering over the Staples Memorial Centre
    Sticking with the UFO theme, it is alleged that La Toya Jackson has taken ownership of Jackson’s UFO footage that he had collected. [25]

    Then there was news that a ufo had been seen above Neverland Ranch, after Jackson’s death! [26] But it gets weirder still, with the story of Angelina Ramos, who had allegedly seen or at least felt Jackson’s presence in her hospital room, and he made her better! [27]
    Which was followed by the unusual story of an unnamed 2 year old boy, staring into space and chanting “Jackson…Jackson…”[28] Although of course, none of this can be confirmed.

    Finally, where would we be without Jackson appearing after his death…in a tree stump! [29]

    And people say I am crazy!!!

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    Thanks for these links Mike I certainly had a laugh at some of them.

    What is it about people that they have to find conspiracies in everything?
    It was the same with Diana, the woman died in a car accident, plain and simple but I suppose that doesn't sell books, get hits on web sites etc.

    The worse one in my opinion was that the moon landings are faked nonsense. It's a real insult to the astronauts bravery that they attempt to diminish their achievements. These men nearly died and some did die to get to the moon. I think they should be ashamed of themselves.


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      But have any of the astronauts appeared on a tree stump.


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        Hey, Mike, if you've got a little time on your hands, I suggest you try to integrate ALL of the Michael Jackson Mysterious Anomaly Theories into one "master" scenario... you'll have the ultimate blockbuster!


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          is he still in a freezer somewhere? Poor bugger should have been buried by now...


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            Originally posted by Currerbell View Post
            is he still in a freezer somewhere?
            I think he's in the cooler with the Georgia Sasquatch.


            • #7
              He was entombed in an unmarked tomb last weekend. The family's still arguing over how to best exploit--did I say "exploit"? I mean "honour"-- the remains.
              "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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                I had no idea...they kept that quiet!


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                  Hi All,

                  Michael Jackson dead? Plastic Boy gone to the Great Celestial Recycling Dump in the Sky? Blimey, they kept that a secret.

                  I should watch more TV.




                  • #10
                    I am buying his bones, seriously, put in an offer!!

                    Seriously, the most unusual story I heard is that they were burying him with a brain, god know's who it belongs to, but it's a brain!