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Dirty Water & Three White House Deaths

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  • Dirty Water & Three White House Deaths

    It has also been theorized that Thomas Jefferson's death came about due to lingering effects of the same thing that laid Presidents Harrison, Polk, and Taylor low....suggesting 4 died due to the following :

    In 1803, Thomas Jefferson mentioned in a letter to his good friend, fellow founder Dr. Benjamin Rush that “after all my life having enjoyed the benefit of well formed organs of digestion and deportation,” he was taken, “two years ago,” after moving into the White House, “with the diarrhea, after having dined moderately on fish. Jefferson noted he had never had it before. The problem plagued him for the rest of his life ( July 4, 1826). Early reports of Jefferson’s death stated that he had died because of dehydration from diarrhea.

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    Washington DC was built on/near malarial, yellow fever infested swamp land. God knows what might have been floating around.
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