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Robert Wagner 'person of interest' over wife Natalie Wood's death

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  • Robert Wagner 'person of interest' over wife Natalie Wood's death

    Just a bit late.

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    Originally posted by String View Post
    Quite so String,
    As the were only three ( allegedly) other males on board and the suggestion Wagners had reportedly argued, it would be reasonable to assume that husband Robert might well have been in the frame from the very start.

    Neither the skipper ,or Christopher Walkden had much , if anything to say about the events of the fateful night. Mind you alcohol /drug abuse does promote rather fuzzy and sometimes conveniently inconsistent memories.

    It is , I think, highly unlikely that Natalie would have commited suicide. Apparently, according to the American media , she had a morbid ,even phobic fear of water/drowning. Finally, the autopsy report glossed over apparent bruising on her arms which might have indicated that she had an assisted' flying lesson' resulting in her death.

    Then what is the point of the present police and media interest? Wagner is now in his late eighties and would possibly play the dementia card . Thus, the chance of any conviction is improbable.

    Much like JTR, plenty of theories and speculation but, no concrete evidence.

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