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    Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
    For Mike Covell and John Savage :

    What is the ghostly image which appears at the start of this clip?

    There is no mystery at all, it is a double exposure, possibly due to bad copying. If you look closely at the top left hand corner it says in bold letters with a red back ground "Live" then in Black letters on a white background "Westminster" suggesting it was a report or similar piece to camera.

    The real fright comes when the poetry starts


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      Allegedly a new sighting of Madeline McCann.


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        Jennifer Kesse, 24, vanished from Orlando, Florida 5 years ago Monday. A picture of a person was taken walking away from her abandoned car but the face was obscured by a fence. Somehow, I can't help but wonder if this person was actually her. It is not possible to even tell for sure if this individual is male or female. Even if it's her it doesn't mean that she wasn't murdered. She is still missing at any rate and doesn't seem to be the type of person to just take off.

        It's one of those cases that teases us with a solution but never delivers on it. The case has the potential to become a classic although, for the sake of her poor parents, hopefully not.


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          I haven't heard of that case before Stan, but I just checked out the picture

          It looks like a male to me, with a shaven haircut around the sides and longer hair on top - totally unlike the victim's hairstyle

          He appears to be striding away - women don't tend to walk like that, and the style of shoe with the tight trouser-leg doesn't appear feminine to me

          It could possibly be a lesbian who carries herself very male-like...


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            Here's the photo...

            Click image for larger version

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              Thanks Nemo. I thought it might be her with her hair in a bun but you could be right. The hair color looks a little darker too but in those type of cameras it's hard to distinguish that unless the hair is either white or platinum blond which hers wasn't. It's also possible that this is a person who has no connection to the disappearance. I should have mentioned that I also noticed the shoe design and agree that it looks like a male style. If this is the perpetrator then they are very lucky that their face was obscured by one post in one frame and another in the next. Another camera shows what is believed to be a person walking away from her car but it is too distant to identify this individual as being anything but human. This was 5 years ago. The pants and shirt don't bother me and the stride could just be the result of a person hurriedly walking away.


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                Originally posted by Nemo View Post
                He appears to be striding away - women don't tend to walk like that, and the style of shoe with the tight trouser-leg doesn't appear feminine to me

                It could possibly be a lesbian who carries herself very male-like...
                I dated a woman several years ago who walked like that and she definitely wasn't a lesbian!


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                  Say no more Stan - lol

                  PS If that is a plain white shirt the person is wearing then he/she appears to be wearing something that reaches up the back quite high, like dungarees or something


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                    Yes, that is true.


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                      There's some interesting analysis here of the three photos of the suspect, if you haven't already seen it Stan


                      Makes a good case for a cycle messenger / security guy / policeman being the culprit


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                        Thanks Nemo. Yes there are some interesting points there. It's really weird that those two frames accidentally obscure both the persons face and the presence or lack thereof of breasts. This individual was walking at precisely the perfect speed.

                        The last evidence she was alive was that her clothes were laid out for work that morning. These video frames were taken at about 1 PM so that would probably leave about a 6 hour gap. Supposedly her bed had been slept in


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                          Yes. I noticed that

                          I used to work with CCTV and the recorder there appears to be set up to record 2 frames per second

                          Unless that is a very old CCTV system, there is either a lot of cameras utilising the same recorder or the frame rate has been reduced drastically to extend the recording time

                          I wouldn't normally install a CCTV system that wasn't capable of delivering at least 6.25 frames per second ie 25fps (real time) shared between 4 cameras max


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                            The same for the third frame although it looks like it is mostly behind a small tree there.


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                              Hoffa under a driveway?


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                                A big bill on its way to the McCanns