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Mysterious Event In Eagleville May 2021

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  • Mysterious Event In Eagleville May 2021

    Whether you believe this or not is your prerogative.

    I was cleaning the hall closet today,...I took a plastic tub with photos which were not in albums and divided them into "keepers" and "toss 'em outers"

    I came across a frame with my high school graduation picture in 8 x 11 taken when I was 17.

    I placed it under the computer foot from where I was sitting ( rocking chair) and sorting the pix.

    As soon as I had completed sorting the photos out....I took the ones to toss and put them in a trash bag which was directly to my left. None had frames and none were larger than 4 x 6.

    I just spent, along with Nina, one hour looking for the graduation photo in frame to no avail.

    I didn't move from the chair while I was sorting the photos and Nina was busy doing something else, unaware I even had that photo and frame out.

    The thing vanished. There's no other explanation for it. I didn't forget that I got up and placed it somewhere....I didn't get up, period.....up until the point I got up and looked in every space imaginable.

    It's left me bewildered.

    This isn't the first time I've witnessed something inexplicable..
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    Nina went into the closet where I had stored two file boxes of personal files yesterday and locate the missing photo in the frame. She got so frustrated at me rambling on about some supernatural shit going on she had to check it out.

    I had put that box in the closet yesterday. I did not put the photo in its frame in the closet yesterday.

    I can't explain what happened. I am not imagining things. I touched that photo and frame at around 5 PM today.

    Very unsettling.
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