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Text messages from dead grandmother's mobile phone

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  • Text messages from dead grandmother's mobile phone

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    I was on the receiving end of something similar a few years ago. I'm on an e-mail list of fans of a science-fiction writer. One of the list members passed away after a long illness. Some time later, messages from him to the list started appearing, much to the surprise of other list members. We discussed the matter between ourselves for several weeks as the messages continued to appear at random intervals. Finally one of the list admins solved the mystery. It seems that the list archive of nearly 20 years of past e-mails was being moved from one older server to another, new server. Somehow, during the copying of files from one to the other machine, a small directory of the deceased's older messages had been switched to an active mode. The directory was meant to be part of a larger online memorial to the list member who died. The changed settings caused these messages to be resent as if they were new. All perfectly understandable once we figured it out, but it took an admin searching the large archive to find the mistaken settings on that directory. Quite spooky, but nice in that we got the unexpected chance to say goodbye to our dead friend once more. In a way, he got the last laugh once again.

    "Behold! I have become the Blue Screen of Death, Destroyer of Hard Drives! Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!"