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Haesindang Penis Park in Korea

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  • Haesindang Penis Park in Korea

    Haesindang Penis Park in Korea

    There's a legend in the village of Sinnam in South Korea that a young virgin engaged to be married was swept out to sea and drowned. Her fiance could only stand by and watch because the water was so turbulent. Soon after, the fish population dwindled and everyone in the village attributed it to a curse from the angry soul of the dead woman. So what's the best way to appease a bitter virgin?
    With a park full of dicks, of course.
    The fishermen erected wooden carvings of phalli all over the coast and held religious boner ceremonies on the woman's behalf. Soon, the fish started returning and everyone could rest easy again in their village now littered with dongs.

    China still hasn't forgiven them for giving the whole Terracotta Army chlamydia.
    Today, the island is covered in thousands of phalli carved from wood and stone and molded from metal. While it's still a sleepy fishing village, it's also become a theme park for tourists. There's something for everyone to enjoy in Haesindang Park, from big, veiny iron cast dicks:

    If that doesn't shoot yogurt, we have failed as a species.
    To dicks with their own faces:

    "Hey hey hey, kids! Ready to have some fun? Remember, don't tell your parents!"
    To guys with dicks wearing little dick hats:

    So they carve an ideal 30-inch cock, but still give themselves a beer gut?
    Tourists have dubbed the village "Penis Park," for reasons we may never understand. But suffice it to say that it's a terrifying place for family picnics.

    First dates, on the other hand ...

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    Thanks for that Tim. My partner is now begging me to take her to Korea for her Holiday. It could be the whole foundation of a new tourist destination and business

    'Phalus World'

    Do you think they will have size restrictions on the roller coaster?

    Lets hope its South not North or that could be very interesting



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          Click image for larger version

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            I didn't realize they are all Jewish in Korea.
            SPERO IN DEO


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              Oh why did I look at this?


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                Vintage French mushroom illustration with innuendo-laden caption:

                “Do You Want Good Health?
                Avoid mushrooms! The most dangerous is that known by the name: Black Forest Mushroom. While it is very pleasant to the taste it produces a swelling of the belly and shortly afterwards causes terrible pains in the region of the lower abdomen. Don’t trust mushrooms!” Date unknown. (Via Postcardiva)


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