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    Hi All

    I have been following Andy Burnham's "Megalithic Portal" for some years, one of my many interests being prehistoric sites around Britain and Ireland. I would highly recommend Andy's website. Go to, and sign up for his newsletter which you'll receive on a regular basis in your email box.

    Andy has now started giving talks around the UK and one of them will be for the London Fortean Society on Thursday, July 11, 7:30 pm in Conway Hall, Holborn, London (see Andy notes that Conway Hall is a 90-seat room that is not to be confused with the "main hall."

    I have no idea whether Andy believes in ghosts and the paranormal. It might just be coincidence that he is speaking to a society that believes in such things, or else he recognizes that prehistoric sites often have myths and legends involving ghosts associated with them.

    I should note that Mr. Burnham is the lead author on a book titled The Old Stones about prehistoric sites around the UK.

    He writes, "I'm keen to book more talks for 2019/2020 so please get in touch. I'm on [email protected]. My talks are illustrated with lots of slides, based around our Old Stones book, and cover many of the themes, new discoveries and mysteries highlighted in the book, along with a look at lesser known but interesting sites, including some in your local area."

    Best regards


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    I’m with you there, Chris - great website!


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      I carefully watch some videos about megaliths and ancient underground dwellings. (Meaning I do not watch what I consider to be garbage about space aliens living in the center of the earth.)

      Lots of people say harsh things about Graham Hancock but I think he has made some important points in his research, that civilisation existed before, perhaps during, the last ice age and it got mostly wiped out in subsequent flooding.

      Also, many primitive groups claim their beginnings underground. IMO, during severe cataclysms, survivors learned to live underground and megalithic building is connected to this past subterranean existence. I suppose underground must have been like a womb in the earth from which humanity arose victorious when the surface was again livable.
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