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The 25 Most Terrifying Urban Legends in the World

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  • The 25 Most Terrifying Urban Legends in the World

    Pennsylvania seems well-represented here, Howard; care to explain?

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    Don't, he'll be up all night. The last time it took Nina hours to get him out of the closet.


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      That's only 99 miles away from us.
      Never heard of it....lots of state game area up there in Luzerne County...

      ...out in western Pa, this is who they called The Green Man


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        Years ago, I used to drive my oldest daughter and her girlfriends ( they were all around 9 or 10 ) down a road bordering Philly and Montgomery County known as Manor Road. It winds for several miles through a veritable countryside...lots of woods, a little bridge, more trees, more winding roads.....and told them a 'urban legend' which I invented called 'Goat Man".
        Goat Man was once a doctor at a college in Philly...who was experimenting with animals trying to find the 'elixir of life'....there was an explosion...he was blown clear of the lab...and never seen again.
        ...except of course, by people traversing Manor Road late at night.
        He'd run across the road with shredded pants like The Wolfman...but with a goat head.
        At one point, I'd put my left arm on the roof of the car...give the girls the Goat Man story....getting to the part where when GoatMan got hungry, he'd leap off of tree branches on top of passing vehicles...and you'd better have your windows rolled up.
        Then i would douse the lights...and smack the roof as hard as possible.
        5 little girls can scream the paint off a battleship. They loved it though.
        I repeated this 15 years later with my youngest girl.

        P.S. Scared the hell out of Nina when I tried it on her.