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John McCarthy's arrears?

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    Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
    Hi Debs

    I don't know much about Billingsgate but as a licence was involved, it sounds like a good job and I agree Joe would have wanted to hold on to his licence. It might be that there was casual labour involved somewhere in the Billingsgate industry but not, apparently, doing Joe's kind of job. The natural assumption is that he was caught stealing although it is only an assumption.
    There is a great dissertation at Casebook called "Hey Joe! Your Porter Story Sounds Fishy", by Viper. I have never furnished a workable link in my internet lifetime, but I'll try:

    There is a lot of research there, based on records. Looks like Joe didn't renew his license in July of 1888 or something.

    (THE LINK WORKS! I can't believe it!)
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