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Stabbing In An East End Lodging House ( July 1889 )

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  • Stabbing In An East End Lodging House ( July 1889 )

    The People
    July 21, 1889
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    The number of cases in this general time period where there is an altercation, someone picks up and uses the closest item as a weapon, wielded with deadly or near deadly force, amazes me.

    I am not suggesting there was necessarily more violence in that time. There is certainly a lot of domestic violence now but murderous attacks with weapons get in the newspapers and it seems we do not see that as often as it appeared in the 1880s papers. If I am right that there were more such attacks back then, why did some people readily grab the nearest household implement for an attack? The article here is about a man attacking a woman. A man's fist is enough to subdue a woman so why grab a weapon, aim for the head and risk hanging if the victim is killed?

    (I am extremely shocked by the number of such attacks with pokers from the fireplace recorded in the Welsh papers. There were some cases of that in the London area also. I grew up in a time and place where most homes had wood burning stoves or fireplaces, everyone had a poker or two and I have never heard of anyone using one as a weapon in the first place and certainly not red hot from the fire as in a couple of the old cases.)
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