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Doctors In The Whitechapel Murders

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  • Doctors In The Whitechapel Murders

    Here on 10 year old thread put together by Chris Scott and Nina Brown ( at the time, Nina Thomas),....information you might not have known about.
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    It is a good reference. I printed it out several years ago for my reference least post #229.
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      I just read Eduardo Zinna's editorial in the July 2004 issue of Ripperologist, and he wrote about the "doctors" who were placed on the list of Ripper Suspects.

      Eduardo wrote of Ostrog, who declared himself a doctor in the 1881 census. Klosowski had been trained as an assistant surgeon in the Russian Army. Tumblety had no medical diploma of any value but he gave himself the title of doctor. Macnaghten thought Druitt was a doctor.

      Thomas Neill Cream had a legitimate medical degree. Szemeredy liked to pass himself off as an American surgeon. Leonard Matters nominated Dr. Stanley.

      It's amazing how Eduardo's list kept growing. He continued by telling us that "William Le Queux gave us Dr. Alexei Pedachenko." Stephen Knight gave us the Royal surgeon, Sir William Gull. Then there was Robert Donston Stephenson who supposedly acquired his anatomical knowledge while serving as a surgeon in Garibaldi's army. Stephenson then pointed the cops toward Dr. Morgan Davies.

      The editorial kept going with the names Dr. Thomas Barnardo who allegedly met Stride only days before her murder, and Dr. Frederick Chapman (also known as Dr. Merchant.) The list concluded with Dr. William Westcott and Dr. John Hewitt. Even Dr. Forbes Winslow was named as a suspect in a handbook.

      It was an entertaining editorial that also spoke about the coroners and doctors involved in the Whitechapel Murders in an official capacity. That part of the editorial fits more appropriately with this thread.


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        Unrelated...sorry. I always wondered what happened to Nina Thomas.