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  • Miscellaneous Wynne Baxter Articles

    After a much needed nap ( Don't laugh) I am gonna scorch earth the newspapers for articles on Baxter and put them on this thread.

    Stay tuned.

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    Yes sir, Howard. You show General Sherman how a scorched earth policy should really be employed, heh heh.


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      Ah will there,suh, ah sho' nuff will. Them damn Yankee scalawags haven't seen nuthin...I said...they haven't seen nuthin yet,suh...

      Such as the first article in which Baxter, I said Baxter suh, appears in that there British search engine..

      Baxter was 21 and 1/2 years old.

      Daily News
      Saturday, November 10, 1866


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        I'm also pleased to point out another mistake in Wikipedia ( This time in the Baxter section, in case anyone went there for accuracy).

        Wikipedia claims this man below was the father of Wynne Baxter:

        Baxter was the eldest of three sons of John Baxter (1781 - 1858), a Lewes printer and publisher who invented the composition inking roller. He attended Lewes Grammar School, and was educated privately by the Rev. Frost in Brighton.

        Au contraire,Wikipedia. Thats his grandfather.

        Adam Wood, editor of Ripperologist Magazine, wrote a piece on Baxter a few years back and supplied this information on the legendary coroner:

        Wynne's father, William Edwin Baxter, was born in 1808. In the late 1820s he went into business with John as Baxter and Son.

        Adam is correct. Here's an example of why....

        The Pall Mall Gazette
        Thursday, June 11, 1868


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          Maintaining a link with printing, the family business, he was Vice-President of the Provincial Newspaper Society between 1871 and 1877.

          Birmingham Daily Post
          Thursday, May 11, 1871


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            He would serve as Under-Sheriff of London from 1876 to 1879 and again in 1885-1886.

            Jackson's Oxford Journal
            Saturday, August 5, 1876

            Daily News
            Friday, July 21, 1876

            Daily News
            Wednesday, July 19, 1876


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              I found his obit in the Times October 2, 1920 Howard, thought it might be a good addition here.

              My best regards HB

              "Mr. Wynne Edwin Baxter, one of the best-known of the London Coroners, died yesterday at his house in Church-street, Stoke Newington, at the age of 76. For 33 years he served as coroner for East London and the Tower of London. About three weeks ago he had a sudden heart attack while holding an inquest at Poplar, and since then had been practically confined to bed.

              Born at Lewes in 1844, the son of the proprietor and editor of the Sussex Express, Mr. Baxter was admitted a solicitor in 1867, and appointed coroner for Sussex in 1876. He conducted the inquiry into the murder of Mr. Gold, a retired merchant, who was shot while traveling by a Brighton express in June, 1881; and held the inquest on Lefroy, who was executed for the crime in November of the same year at Lewes Gaol. Mr. Baxter was appointed coroner for East London in 1887, and among the first inquests held by him were those on the victims of the mysterious "Jack the Ripper." He also held the inquests on the policemen who were shot by Russian anarchists at Houndsditch in January, 1911, and on the bodies of the criminals themselves who were killed in the Sydney-street affair. After the Silvertown explosion during the war, Mr. Baxter held, on one day alone, inquests on over 60 bodies at the London Hospital, on which occasion not only were the ordinary mortuaries filled, but bodies had to be laid also in rows along the corridors. As Coroner of the Tower he held inquests on the bodies of the German spies who were condemned to death by courts-martial and shot. He held, on an average, 1,000 inquests annually. One year the number was 2,500.
              Mr. Baxter was a collector of editions of Milton, a member of the Archaeological Societies of Middlesex, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, and Gloucestershire, and treasurer of the Royal Microscopical Society. From 1871 to 1876 he was vice-president of the Provincial Newspaper Society. He was High Constable of Lewes from 1877 to 1881, in which year he was elected first Mayor of Lewes. He served as Under-Sheriff of London and Middlesex for several years, and was Clerk to two City Guilds, the Shipwrights' and the Farriers'. At Stoke Newington he served as chairman of the Public Library Committee and chairman of the Licensing Bench.

              The funeral will take place at Lewes next Wednesday, following a service at St. Mary's Old Church, Stoke Newington."


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                Daily News
                Friday, November 9, 1877


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                  Daily News
                  Tuesday, June 25, 1878


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                    The Pall Mall Gazette
                    Wednesday, November 5, 1879


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                      The 1880's and His Coronership

                      Reynolds's Newspaper
                      Sunday, February 1, 1880


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                        A report of an early Inquest in the career of Mr. Baxter (at 36 years of age )

                        Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper
                        Sunday, September 19, 1880


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                          As the High Constable of Lewes ( his hometown )

                          The Graphic
                          November 6, 1880


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                            Ever wonder about the motivation people have for seeking certain professions ? .

                            Imagine having to deal with the following.

                            Reynolds's Newspaper
                            Sunday, January 9, 1881


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                              Arguably the first "big" case of Baxter's career:

                              THE MURDER ON THE BRIGHTON RAILWAY.—THE INQUEST .
                              The Pall Mall Gazette
                              Wednesday, June 29, 1881