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  • The Finnish Newspaper Archive

    Matt Hood will be adding articles to this thread in the near future.

    Many thanks Matt !
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    Apologies for taking a while to start posting. I'm having a very busy few weeks, but I am still plugging away at the files when I get a chance.

    I can say that I have been and continue to be surprised at just how much coverage there was in the Finnish press. It isn't just that different papers had covered the same stories on the same days, but the amount of words put down in the papers is astonishing at times. I have had to take seven screen shots of one particular paper in order to get the full article ready to post, for example.

    Most of the coverage is in Swedish, but I did find one Finnish language newspaper yesterday, which is exciting!

    I'm getting all the screenshots ready to post, then I'm going to give them to my wife to translate (she has much, much better Swedish than I do) and I'll post each article with the translation as they are done.

    Thanks for being patient with me!